Ahoy!, July 1984

Ahoy!, July 1984

Ahoy! was one of several popular Commodore magazines from back when Commodore computers were made. It covered various machines depending on the time period but in 1984 it was primarily the VIC-20 and Commodore 64. Interestingly, they used the same cover scheme through most (if not all) of its life. There were always nine “monitors” on the cover and in each one was something to do with what was in the magazine.

The July 1984 issue includes the following:


  • Creating Your Own Games
  • Starting or Joining a Users Group
  • Database Buyer’s Guide
  • Training Your Cursor
  • The MSD Dual Disk Drive: Indepth Report
  • Educational Software Guide, Part V


  • What’s My Job?
  • Checklist
  • Renumbering Utility
  • Brisk
  • Math Defender

Plus news, reviews, more type in programs and more!