Amiga Computing U.S. Edition, December 1995

Amiga Computing U.S. Edition, Issue 5, December 1995

Amiga Computing was originally a U.K. based magazine that was published in both the U.K. and the U.S. There were a total of 117 issues published from 1988 through 1997. The December 1995 issue of the U.S. Edition includes:

System: The essential guide to Amiga gaming

  • System On-Line – Despite the lack of reviews this month, System takes a look on the bright side with the forthcoming releases
  • Preview: Pole Position – Experience F1 racing from a new angle in Ascon’s management offering
  • Competition – Win yourself a CD32 and copies of Gloom courtesy of Guildhall
  • Preview: Tracksuit Manager – Will Alternative’s latest football management sim conquer Championship Manager 2?
  • Preview: Team – Football crazy, football mad. Andy Maddock checks out this new contender
  • Feature: New Wave Wonders – Tina Hackett meets the team behind Speris Legacy, Binary Emotions
  • Preview: Cricket ’95 – Audiogenic’s sequel to Graham Gooch’s Cricket is on its way
  • Game Reviews
    • Fears


  • Laser Guidance – Neil Mohr takes over our regular CD-ROM roundup hotseat
  • Falcon 040 – Neil Mohr checks out the world’s first 68040 accelerator for the A1200
  • Killer Gizmo – Paul Austin looks at the Reno portable CD-ROM drive
  • Final Writer – Ben Vost picks up the newest release of this word processor cum DTP package
  • Datachrome – Now any Amiga application can take advantage of datatypes
  • Real 3D U3 – Gary Whiteley has an in-depth look at the splendid 3D modeling and rendering package
  • Flicker Fixer – 24-bit flicker fixing – now anyone can side-step the idiosyncrasies of AGA


  • Commercial Amiga – Gareth Lofthouse makes two visits to professional organizations who are making use of the Amiga’s capabilities
  • Playing for Money – Discover how to get your big break in the games industry, whether you know how to program or not
  • Hypernauts – Ben Vost has a sneak preview of Foundation Imaging’s latest TV show, scheduled for launch this year
  • Piracy Report – Gareth Lofthouse goes behind the scenes at FAST
  • A4 Frenzy – Phil South rounds up five of the best dot matrix, inkjet and laser printers currently doing the rounds
  • OS Overview – Frank Nord compares Windows 95 with the Mac’s System 7 and our Workbench 3.1

The Coverdisks

  • Final Data – We give you the full version of this database manager plus an up-to-the-minute selection of the best of Aminet uploads including…ABackup v5, Virus Checker v7.17, AutoStart, NewMode, Reminder, BangerMenu and Colors.
  • MainActor – The full registered version of the most feature filled animation package for the Amiga. Also, the latest version of our favorite commodity MultiCX along with MultiCXPrefs and MiserPrint.


  • News – The latest news as it happens, reported by Gareth Lofthouse
  • Comment – World Wide Lies. Gareth Lofthouse debunks the myth of the WWW
  • US News – All the up-to-date news from across the pond from Denny Atkin
  • Disk Offer – Upgrade to the latest version of Final Data as on our CoverDisk
  • ACAS – ACAS sorts out all those niggling Amiga problems
  • Public Sector – Dave Cusick gives his all in his monthly shareware roundup

Amiga Guide

  • Amiga Medical – Problem files and how to deal with them
  • Amiga 3D – IDG Media’s flying log hits the spotlight with Paul Austin
  • 2D Amiga Art – Steve White shows how to create good backdrops
  • Assembler – Paul Overaa demonstrates how to identify characters of a file
  • Publishing – Bitmap clipart and how to get the most from it
  • Comms – Phil South presents readers with a bookmark list of Amiga-related sites
  • Video – Gary Whiteley examines the different sorts of fonts for video titling
  • ARexx – Paul Overaa gives us an ARexx-callable ASL file requester
  • Amos – Phil South becomes Defender Man in his monthly Amos column
  • Music – Paul Overaa details how to get the most from your sequencer

Cover Story – It’s Back – We cover the triumphant return of the world’s favorite home computer in this six page special

…and more!