Your Commodore (April 1986)

Your Commodore was one of a number of Commodore related magazines published in the U.K. Not limited to the Commodore 64, it also covered the Commodore 128, Plus/4 and C-16 but the Commodore 64 was by far the most popular and the one with the most coverage. The April 1986 issue includes:


  • C-16 by Gremlin Graphics – A selection of software from Gremlin.
  • Data Errors: Locate and Destroy – We help you sort out those tiresome errors.
  • Telephone Exchange – Big communications program for your C64.
  • Money Management – A detailed look at Commodore’s budget Planner.
  • Databos – A database for your C128.
  • Testing Ground – The Basic Testing Systems helps you write better programs.
  • Memory Juggling – Get more from Basic memory.
  • Making Light Work – Amicron’s light pen faces the Eric Doyle test.
  • Two for the C128 – Steve Carrie brings you two utilities for your 128.


  • Top Draw
  • Welcome to the machine – Machine code unraveled.
  • Froggy – Daryl Bowers shops into action again.


  • Data Statements
  • Missives
  • Listings
  • Bookshelf
  • Software for Sale
  • Communications Corner
  • Sprite Ideas
  • Competition
  • Action Replay
  • Sense of Adventure
  • Game of the Month
  • Mach 5
  • Language Lab

Games and Utilities

  • New characters for your C16 – New characters for your C16.
  • Top Mon – Type in your own machine code monitor.

…and more!