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Subject: Summery of MaxAppleZoom and System 7.0 problem
Keywords: MaxAppleZoom System 7.0 SuperClock! Compatibility
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Date: 25 May 91 14:00:04 GMT
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     At fitst, I would like to appreciate to everyone who responded to my
article about the compatibility between System 7.0 and MaxAppleZoom. Here is
the summary of what I learned from those responses and what I tested.

1. MaxAppleZoom 1.3 is basically compatible with System 7.0.

2. The problem I got (Screen size would be reset after I change the screen
   depth.) is come from a conflict between MaxAppleZoom 1.3 and SuperClock 3.9.
   After I turned off SuperClock 3.9 by Extension Manager, the problem never
   happened again. Somebody pointed this problem is not new. He has gotten this
   problem since System 6.0.x. By the way, I've never got it under System 6.0.7.

3. To load MaxAppleZoom before any system extensions be loaded, make an alias
   to MaxAppleZoom and drag the original into Extensions folder. By the way,
   this does not cause anything under my circumstance.

4. Somebody pointed the conflict between MaxAppleZoom and DepthGauge; however,
   this does not seem to be a problem at all.

Conclusion: If you want to use MaxAppleZoom, forget about SuperClock or forget
            about changing the screen depth.

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