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Posted: Mon May  2 16:26:07 1983
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I would relish opinions on this one (e.g. Is it poetry?). I honestly
don't know who wrote it beyond that it was a friend of a friend.

	Dear Shmuck,

     Goober peas on the links,
No stranger to shame with an oyster nurse.

My son, the emperor, spent Christmas on Mars.

I had atomic pinworms
And met some angels in garter belts.

The black in the back of the bus
Tried experiments with soup germs!!

Giggling in the pigweeds,
I met the wackiest crackpot in the booby hatch.

Ever since you held me there,
I've noticed children with misshapen heads.

Die, you stinking bum!!

But I don't go in there,
That's the chamber of the cockeye people.

Quest for the Rawhide smoked meat ranch.

I came to clean up Zosso's summer camp.

Pretend you're attractive
'Cause Satan gets off at ten.

The most common story was about
The violin fights of 1930.

What happened to those wild girls
>From the reformatory?

Let them eat twinkies -
Kiss all you want everybody
'Cause you're all gonna guess whose wife you are.

Oompah Pa and Oompah Ma.

Man the think tanks,
It's the mayor of Wig City!!

Come, enjoy, visit the house of Rhumba.

Remember Junkyard Otto
And the juvenile spit fights?
Well fancy pants, for a handful of fingers
I'd eat off honeymoon sheets!!!



					Pat Autilio