Monday, January 19, 2015

Police seize bot that bought drugs on the Deep Web

An automated bot called the Random Darknet Shopper was programmed to buy goods from a Deep Web marketplace as part of an art exhibit in Switzerland.

Swiss police seized the art exhibit on Jan. 12 at the conclusion of its three-month run. The exhibit was programmed by two London-based Swiss artists, Carmen Weisskopf and Domagoj Smoljo, who claimed to be exploring the societal implications of robots breaking the law and the ethical implications of Deep Web marketplaces.

The bot was given $100 in bitcoins per week to spend at Agora, a Deep Web marketplace that’s similar to the Silk Road. The bot was able to buy items like counterfeit jeans, ecstasy pills, Nike sneakers, cigarettes and the entire “Lord of the Rings” series of novels.

The artists’ lawyers advised them that Swiss law would protect the exhibit because “art in the public interest is allowed to be free.” The artists said on Jan. 15 that the seizure of the exhibit was “an unjustified intervention into freedom of art.” The artists themselves have not been arrested.

Full article: … ndom-darknet-shopper

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