Monday, July 28, 2014

Libertarian Wyllie tells DeLand crowd it’s a ‘three-way race’ for governor

Adrian Wyllie stood at the back of a mid-day political rally in a white dress shirt and yellow striped tie, sweating in the Florida heat, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He was clearly a politician. But in the past, he’d done this without many people recognizing exactly which one.

That is slowly changing. At least it seemed that way Saturday in DeLand.

“I’m not used to going places where people know who I am when I walk up, so thank you for that,” Wyllie, Florida’s rising third-party candidate for governor, said when he took the stage at a “Patriots United” rally held by the conservative, grassroots Liberty Belles of Florida.

A few days after Quinnipiac University’s latest polling put Wyllie at about 9 percent in the governor’s race, the relatively unknown Dunedin Libertarian was projecting confidence.

“I know there’s some Republicans in the crowd here today, and there’s probably a few people who were thinking about voting for Rick Scott,” Wyllie said. “They’re probably thinking: Hey, (Wyllie) sounds pretty good, but does he have a chance to win? Folks, I do have a chance to win… This race is a three-way race.”

The stump speech that followed was equally scathing toward Gov. Scott (who polled at 37 percent in that Quinnipiac poll) and his Democratic challenger Charlie Crist (who led with 39). Without Wyllie in the race, the poll showed Crist leading 45 to 40.

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