Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Establishment Republicans secretly support Hillary over Rand Paul

It’s no secret that establishment Republicans are out to get Rand Paul, but the “darkest secret” on Wall Street, reports Politico, is that they’ll happily vote Hillary in 2016 to do it.

The Monday piece reveals that Wall Street Republicans won’t think twice about voting for Hillary Clinton in a world where Jeb Bush and Chris Christie aren’t running for president and Rand Paul holds the GOP nomination.

“The bulk of the big money guys are either Big Boy [Christie] or Jeb,” said a top GOP donor. “Rand Paul still is a grass-roots phenom and a boardroom horror show.”

The prevailing sentiment of Wall Street Republicans is as follows: “If we can’t nominate someone like Bush or Christie from the pro-business wing of the party, and if the GOP nominee is from the far right, then we will hold our noses and tolerate Clinton.”

It appears that Wall Street would even support Joe Biden over Rand Paul.

A Republican-leaning Wall Street lawyer commented, “If it turns out to be Jeb versus Hillary we would love that and either outcome would be fine. We could live with either one. Jeb versus Joe Biden would also be fine. If it’s Rand Paul or Ted Cruz versus someone like Elizabeth Warren that would be everybody’s worst nightmare.”

Most of the top GOP fundraisers and donors on Wall Street aren’t going on record on this subject and “few want to acknowledge publicly that the Democratic frontrunner fills them with less dread than some Republican 2016 hopeful” because they don’t want to anger a vocal tea party base or party officials.

Rand Paul has won the last two CPAC straw polls and has topped polls in New Hampshire and Colorado recently.

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