Monday, February 24, 2014

State: Flaming water in Dixie, LA not caused by drilling company

The Louisiana Office of Conservation says the source of the flammable tap water discovered in the private well water of a Dixie, LA family has been identified, and they say it has nothing to do with the natural gas wells drilled nearby.

Last December, the Parker family made a startling discovery when they lit a flame next to the water coming out of their household faucet. It burst into flames. They don’t live far from an Anadarko natural gas drilling site, but experts say the two are not related.

Samples were collected by Anadarko Petroleum Corporation under the supervision of the Office of Conservation. Geosyntec conducted testing of the samples. Their analysis, along with the Office of Conservation’s investigations of water well drilling records, local geology and DEQ 2002 findings in a similar situation in that general area indicate that the most likely source of the methane is the lignite interspersed in the aquifer sands of the area.

Full article: … -in-dixie-identified

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