Monday, November 11, 2013

Company Sued for Fraud Gets Multi-Million Dollar ObamaCare Contract

Eighteen months after a major non-profit settled a multi-million dollar lawsuit for fraud with the feds, it was hired by the government. In a Kelly File investigation, Trace Gallagher reported that the company Seedco was tasked with setting up ObamaCare navigators in four states.

The company’s primary purpose is to get jobs for people in need. In New York City, a $22 million dollar federally funded contract helped 6,500 people jobs – or so they claimed. A 2012 investigation found that 1,400 of those jobs were faked. The company would scan job websites for resumes and when those people got jobs, they would take the credit.

Now, Seedco has been given another multi-million dollar contract in New York, Tennessee, Maryland and Georgia to set up ObamaCare navigators. They’re supposed to help people navigate, but because the website doesn’t work, they fill out your personal information.

Full article: http://foxnewsinside … r-obamacare-contract

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