Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Police Brutality? Officers Taser Man For Trying To Save 3-Year-Old Son From House Fire

What would you do if your son or daughter were trapped inside a burning building?

Most parents would run in, no matter how dangerous the fire seemed, and attempt to save their child.

That is what Louisiana man Ryan Miller attempted to do when his three-year-old stepson was trapped inside of the family’s burning home. But police prevented him from saving the child’s life — they tased Miller three times and arrested him because he attempted to enter the building.

The house fire started around 1am. The parents were sleeping on the first floor and the three-year-old, Riley Miller, was asleep in his second story bedroom.

The parents woke up to the smell of fire. They ran outside, called 9-11, and firefighters were on the scene within minutes. The entire time, the toddler was stuck in the burning home.

Once firefighters got to the Miller’s home, they informed the parents that the house was too hot for them to enter.

Ryan Miller then attempted to run in the house and save Riley. Officers responded immediately by tasing him three times and eventually arresting him.

Riley was found dead a few hours later in his charred bedroom.

Not surprisingly, the Miller family is furious over the situation.

Lori Miller, Riley’s grandmother, said, “[Ryan] tried to get back in the house to get the baby. They took my son to jail because he tried to save his son.”

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