Thursday, October 24, 2013


The White House announced today that the Obamacare individual mandate deadline will likely be pushed back as much as six weeks.

The individual mandate forces Americans to purchase health insurance that meets certain standards, or pay a fine. Currently, individuals have until February 15 to start the Obamacare application process and avoid a penalty. If the mandate is pushed back, however, that deadline will be moved to March. At this time, it is unknown if Congress will need to approve the deadline switch.

The new deadline will give “experts” time to fix the glitches that currently make virtually unusable.

“There’s no sugar coating it,” Obama said of the site’s tech failure.

NBC News reports, “As the Obama administration weighed changes to the individual mandate, the Department of Health and Human Services announced Wednesday that it will hold daily briefings to update reporters on the progress of what President Barack Obama has called the “tech surge” to rectify the hitches and glitches on the troubled health care website.

The daily briefings will start Thursday, just two days after Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Obama did not know about the health insurance website’s hitches and glitches until after it was launched three weeks ago.”

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