Tuesday, October 22, 2013

More People Sign Up for Mars Trip than for Obamacare

Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp’s Mars One, an organization planning to establish a colony on the red planet by 2023, is more popular than Obamacare. Lansdrop has collected more signatures for his improbable project than all the number of Americans who have enrolled in Obama’s mandatory health insurance fiasco.

On Wednesday, the first Delaware resident signed up for Obamacare. On Thursday, it was reported that nobody in Alaska had bothered to sign up for the program due to the government’s inability to keep up its glitch-prone enrollment website. In response, Alaskan Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski fired off a letter to the Obama administration.

“This system that cost more than $400 million, took three years to build, and was billed as a one-stop shop for individuals seeking health insurance is not working as advertised,” Murkowski wrote. “In its first two weeks of operation, I am told that no one was able to enroll in the Alaska Exchange.”

Obama’s apparatchiks refuse to release enrollment numbers, so there is no verifiable numbers on how many people have enrolled in the government’s healthcare-at-gunpoint scheme.

“The White House refuses to release the numbers, leading many to assume they are embarrassingly low. But insurance industry insiders point to another reason: Nobody knows if the numbers they do have are even accurate,” CNN reported on October 16.

That’s because the mega-insurance corporations that stand to profit handsomely from the coercive scheme say they are receiving incomplete, duplicative and contradictory data from the government.

Full article: http://www.infowars. … -than-for-obamacare/

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