Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Many IRS Seizures Are Illegal, Government Report Concludes

For the beleaguered IRS, the hits just keep on coming. After the targeting scandal, a key IRS official claimed the Fifth Amendment. House Committee Votes IRS Official Must Testify Despite Fifth Amendtment. Then there were all the expense issues, including Star Trek, Gilligan’s Island and line dancing videos.

Then there were the abused credit cards. Who wouldn’t like a charge card with bills direct to Uncle Sam? See Audit Finds $119 of Unused Nerf Footballs in IRS Cabinet. A watchdog report says there’s little oversight.

But now, the increasingly popular Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration reveals that 30% of IRS Seizures of Taxpayer Property don’t comply with the law. The report has an inglorious title but is worth a look: Fiscal Year 2013 Review of Compliance With Legal Guidelines When Conducting Seizures of Taxpayers’ Property.

Full article: … ment-report-reveals/

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