Wednesday, June 5, 2013

PBS’s Gwen Ifill Defends Eric Holder, IRS Despite Online Backlash

Here’s an interesting example of your tax dollars at work: Gwen Ifill, a newscaster for the Public Broadcasting System, uses her television programs to staunchly defend Eric Holder, the scandal-ridden U.S. attorney general, and the Internal Revenue System, which has been accused of targeting conservative organizations that apply for a tax-exempt status.

Not content with using her roles as managing editor and moderator of the “Washington Week” program and as a senior correspondent for the “PBS NewsHour,” Ifill took her crusade online on Sunday, when she posted on Twitter that it’s “Fun to see the same (named & unnamed) folks calling for Holder resignation who always have” and asserted that “people don’t want to know the details back and forth” of the IRS targeting.

While @Matthops82 said that “the House needs to forget about the scandals and pass immigration reform,” it was all downhill from there for Ifill.

It didn’t take long for @JayCaruso to disagree with her comment on Holder, stating that “Gwen Ifill basically just said James Rosen had it coming,” while @Brock2120 asked: “Have you ever had a non liberal thought in your life?”

Also, @PruPaine posted:

oh my… Ifill sides with Holder. Says journos need to rethink how they go after secret info. Astonishing.

“As the abuses of power have become egregious to the point of criminal,” @TheObsidianOwl declared, “yes, the calls will continue. Why would they not?”

Full article: http://newsbusters.o … pite-online-backlash

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