Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Democrat Congresswoman Admits Gun Registry Meant To ‘Find’ Guns

Many Democrats insist that they really don’t want to take away our guns or impose a national gun registry on Americans. Others are more honest about their ultimate goal. Take Democrat Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, Democrat of Texas, who recently said she does, indeed, want a national gun registry so that she can track and identify all gun owners.

Rep. Lee joined anti-Constitution protesters outside the National Rifle Association’s annual conference on Houston, Texas at the end of May. At the protest, Lee told the media that she was in favor of a national gun registry, something few Democrats have the guts to admit.

This Democrat has a long history of attacking guns and ignoring those criminals that break the law with them. Not long ago she was heard to urge people not to blame gangbangers for killing people, but instead to blame the guns.

At this protest, though, she made a slight attempt to spin her desire to track every gun owner by claiming that all she really wanted was a way to “find” guns when they are stolen. How a national registry of gun owners would do that she did not say.

Full article: http://www.mrconserv … -meant-to-find-guns/

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