Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Obama Administration: Yes, The President Can Drone Strike Americans On U.S. Soil

Looks like Rand Paul wasn’t too far off.

In a letter from Eric Holder to Sen. Paul this afternoon, the attorney general said that the president could use lethal force against American citizens on U.S. soil in “an extraordinary circumstance,” one that resembles something like the “catastrophic” domestic attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and Pearl Harbor.

While threatening to hold up the confirmation of Obama’s CIA director pick John Brennan, Paul demanded answers from the administration on whether they would extend their legal rationale for targeted assassinations of American citizens abroad to allow them to take out American citizens here at home. During one Fox appearance, the libertarian-leaning Republican senator put forth a hypothetical situation where an American could be evaporated by a drone strike while “drinking at a café in New York or Boston.”

Full article: http://www.mediaite. … ericans-on-u-s-soil/

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