Friday, September 28, 2012

Lieberman pushes Obama to issue cybersecurity executive order

Independent Sen. Joe Lieberman’s cybersecurity bill failed to gain majority support in the Senate in August, but now he is pushing for President Obama to issue an executive order to compensate.

Lieberman was the lead co-sponsor of the failed Cybersecurity Act of 2012, a controversial bill that sought to give the federal government regulatory control over the cybersecurity standards of water, power and utility companies.

Republicans, who offered their own preferred cybersecurity bills, battled the Democrats on the issue all the way to the August congressional recess.

In a letter to President Barack Obama Monday, Lieberman urged the administration to use the president’s “executive authority to the maximum extent possible to defend the nation from cyber attack.”

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano testified in a congressional hearing last week, stating that the order is “close to completion.”

Full article: http://dailycaller.c … ity-executive-order/

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