Thursday, June 14, 2012

Should Citizens Be Able to Shoot Police If They Trespass?

A new law in Indiana would allow citizens to shoot police officers who trespass illegally.

Judge Napolitano broke down the law, which would:

–Affirm the citizen’s right to feel secure in his/her home against unlawful intrusion
–Allow citizens to use deadly force if a public servant unlawfully enters a home
–Require the citizen to believe that force is necessary to immediately prevent/terminate public servant’s trespass

According to Napolitano, this law was generated by a case in Indiana in which police broke down the wrong door, attempted to arrest the wrong person and as he resisted, beat him.

Gretchen Carlson asked, “So, if the cops break down the door of your house and you know that you’ve done nothing wrong, you can shoot them?!”

Judge Napolitano clarified saying that yes, if the police are using force and don’t have a warrant, you too can use force.

Full article:

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