Monday, June 11, 2012

Ron Paul surprise in Arkansas!

While many in the Liberty Movement were engaged in a weekend of blame and counter blame, other Ron Paul stalwarts were still fighting in the trenches at district and state conventions. I have lots of video and documentary on the marathon events in Texas but before that, here is another shocker. This one from Arkansas. It shows clearly that the move to transform the GOP is organic and real and cannot be stopped, even from inside.

So here is the firsthand story coming out of the Arkansas District Conventions. No broken bones this time and, thankfully, no broken hearts either. Ron Paul was supposed to be shut out in Arkansas. Some in the establishment were going to great lengths to keep his forces from participating. But how can you stop his ideas? And how can you stop people who are awake to the truth?

Enjoy this report from Monica Serrano, Arkansas State Ron Paul Director. She endured months of loneliness, rejection and long odds on her unlikely road to success.

Monica Serranos’s Report:

Today was a most amazing day and for so many reasons. Where do I begin?

Arkansas held their district conventions. We have 4 districts. We elected 3 delegates and 3 alternates from each district. And they will be going to Tampa. On June 23 we will elect 21 “at large” delegates and alternatives who will also go to Tampa with the top 3 State GOP officials.

We really have no say about the 21 at large because they are elected by insider county chairmen. So the district conventions were the only hope for the people to win something. I think we did awesome!

Full article:

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