Friday, July 29, 2011

Ron Paul raises most campaign cash from military workers

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul consistently has said that the United States should get out of Afghanistan and Iraq and that American military bases around the world should be closed.

In this campaign, Paul is getting more donations from people who work for the military than either President Obama or any of the other Republican presidential candidates. That analysis comes from Paul’s campaign and was confirmed recently by Politifact, the fact-checking project of the St. Petersburg Times.

“Our fighting men and women take an oath to protect America, defend our Constitution and defend our borders,” Paul campaign chairman Jesse Benton said. “They look at Ron Paul and see a leader who takes their oath seriously and who will fight to ensure that we don’t misrepresent that oath by sending them off to police the world, instead of defending our country.”

Full article: http://content.usato … ampaign-donations-/1