Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rubio’s Ridiculous Rendition Resembles Rancorous Representation Ruining Republic

The continuing saga of the decline of Marco Rubio is dully noted. We at Libertarian Viewpoint spoke out against Rubio in the last election cycle in favor of Alex Snitker. Warning the general public, we said that a vote for Rubio would be another nail in the coffin of Liberty. Many laughed at us and claimed he was the Tea Parties choice and he had the “R” by his name to become a winner in the election.

They were of course correct. He did have that “R” in front of his name and he did win the election. Not because he was good but because many people were too scared to vote their conscience. While he did win, we were not wrong with what he told people. He is a neo-conservative through and through and is proving himself to more and more McCain like every day. So much so, he co-authored the piece in the Wall Street Journal with McCain’s pal Joe Lieberman.

In the piece they call for funding of the military to continue the war conflict in Libya. Together they claim that the conflict between the White House and the Congress are not necessary and that we should do everything in our power to get rid of Gadhafi. The article shows their contempt for the Constitution and the law of this country. Such ravages border the definition of treason and might want to be considered reason for impeachment.

What an appalling story it was to read. From Lieberman I might have expected it but for Rubio to show his hand like that so quickly in his term really scares me. It should scare the rest of you as well. The call for bigger government and further involvement in escalating wars by someone who won the election espousing constitutional idealism is eye-opening to say the least.

These two Representatives should be ashamed of themselves, calling for more monies to support an unconstitutional destructive policy on a foreign nation, while the rest of Congress is battling over the debt ceiling. With flip-flop moves like this one by Rubio, is it any wonder why the Republican Party is so torn between continuing the war or fixing the debt?

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