Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Wait, so Lindsey Graham doesn’t like spying now?

Known NSA-defender Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) is now calling for “heads to roll” over the recent accusation that the CIA was spying on Senate computers.

“Heads should roll, people should go to jail if it’s true,” Graham said. “If it is, the legislative branch should declare war on the CIA.”

His statement is nothing short of hypocrisy considering his ardent defense of the National Security Agency’s surveillance program that spies on Americans citizens, without having a search warrant.

“This is Richard Nixon stuff. This is dangerous to the democracy,” he added about the revelation.

Tuesday morning, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, also a defender of the NSA, took to the Senate floor to accuse the CIA of unconstitutionally spying on Senate computers.

“I have grave concerns that the CIA’s search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the United States Constitution,” she said. “I have asked for an apology and a recognition that this CIA search of computers used by its oversight committee was inappropriate. I have received neither.”

Sen. John McCain slammed the CIA as well.

Security leaker Edward Snowden, however, noted the hypocrisy of Feinstein Tuesday, calling it the “Merkel effect.”

“It’s clear the CIA was trying to play ‘keep away’ with documents relevant to an investigation by their overseers in Congress, and that’s a serious constitutional concern,” he said in a statement to NBC.

“But it’s equally if not more concerning that we’re seeing another ‘Merkel effect,’ where an elected official does not care at all that the rights of millions of ordinary citizens are violated by our spies, but suddenly it’s a scandal when a politician finds out the same thing happens to them.”

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