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My ratings to new TV anime shows of Autumn 2017 [message #354805] Tue, 24 October 2017 01:33
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This is the list of my ratings to new shows based on every
first episode. Most of proper nouns in this list are my
guess instead of official ones.

Ratings may vary episode by episode.
The number isn't the rank but only a sequence for
convenience. Sorted by stars.

[for k:kids, s:shoujo, g:grown-ups]
*:fair, **:enjoyable, ***:must see
a:good animation/artwork, d:good drama/story,
h:humorous/hilarious, m:good music, v:violent,
w:heartwarming, +:outstanding (e.g. a+ means
outstanding animation/artwork)

1) Mahoutsukai no Yome [s](WIT studio): **, ad
Since Chise lost her parents and nobody dares to take care of her, she
sells herself at an auction in order to find someone who needs her.
A sorceror Elias notices her rare attribute. For an extremely high
bid, he gets her as his apprentice and his bride.
2) Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni utau (J.C.Staff): **, ad
Among people living in a ship "Dorokujira" cruising endlessly around
the sea of sand, "marked" have a short life while they have a special
ability. One day, the ship encounters an island where they find a girl
who is the only survivor in the island and the first foreigner they
have ever met.

3) Konohana Kitan [s](Lerche): *, aw
A vixen-girl Yuzu moves to a traditional Japanes hotel and begins to
work there as a maid. Satsuki becomes her instructor. She is too
strict for Yuzu but Yuzu is still cheerful and makes guests happy.
4) URAHARA [s](EMT squared): *, a+
Three cute girls working in a shop of Harajuku meet aliens riding on
UFOs. A collection of random events and stories painted in a
fashionable artwork.
5) Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (White Fox): *, am
Two girls in military uniform riding on an armored truck go through
a dark hollow in a huge building. They finally exit to the outside.
It's night and there is nobody in sight. They sip the last canned
6) Blend.S [s](A-1 Pictures): *, ah
Maika's smile looks wicked and she fails to get a part-time job again.
In a station, she bumps into a man who runs an otaku restaurant. He
employs her as a sadistic maid. In the restaurant, she plays the role
quite well.
7) Anime-Gataris (WOW World): *, h
Minoa watches anime TV til midnight and is late for school next
morning. Kamiigusa asaks her to join anime club, but the club is
inactive now.
8) Code:Realize [s](M.S.C): *, a
Caldia is kidnapped by Lupin and Inti to save her from British army.
She is a daughter of Beckford and has a horologium, a permanent engin,
in her chest that was inplanted by her father.
9) Imouto sae ireba ii (Silver Link.): *, a
Itsuki is a writer and a sister maniac. His delusion often bursts into
an incest fantasy while he has no real sister. Nayuta is also a writer
and stalker of Itsuki, but the quality of her maiden work knocks him
10) Net-ju no Susume (SIGNAL.MD): *, d
Moriko quits her job and addicts to on-line games. She begins a new
game as a handsome male avator Hayashi. By an assistance of angel
Lily, Hayashi defeats a monster rat. Is it a begining of *his*

11) Robomasters (Dandelion + Gonzo): a
Tantan designed and built Kaka, an intelligent drone. While he tries
to control Kaka to catch a flying disc, the disc hits a girl, Shou,
who also has a drone and invites him to her handicraft club.
12) Infini-T Force (Tatsunoko Pro.): a
Z destroyed many worlds and Gachaman tries to stop him. Characters
from Tatsunoko Pro's historic anime TV series get together. Full 3D
13) Ore no Kanojo ga Majimesugiru... (diomedéa + Studio Blanc): h
Akiho is a class leader and a cute girl who becomes Haruka's girl
friend. She has never had a boy friend, and has peculiar prejudice
about boys and sex.
14) Inuyashiki (MAPPA): av
Inuyashiki, 58-year old, built a new house, but his family never
respect him. In a park, a UFO accidentally kills a boy and him by
landing upon them. Aliens make them androids for compensation.
15) Jyuuni Taisen (Graphinica): av
Twelve fighters take part in the 12th Jyuuni Taisen. In the fight,
every fighter swallows a poison stone, and the winner will have
to collect all the stones whithin 12 hours.
16) Oosama Game (Seven); v
Nobuaki is cursed by Oosama game and his class mates are being
killed by the game.
17) Two Car (Silver Link.):
Yuri and Megumi demonstrate their side car's speed at the Miyake
island TT race. They wants to win the passport for the Isle of Man
TT race.
18) Houseki no Kuni [s](Orange):
In a world of jewel, the origin of jewel-man was formed from sand of
jewel stones collected by bacteria. Alians from the moons are serious
threat which kidnap jewel-mans for their treasure collection.
19) Just Because! (PINE JAM):
Izumi is back to his hometown and transferred to a new high school
where he finds familiar faces again.
20) Black Clover [k](studio Pierrot):
Yuno and Asuta were raised by a priest. Kids of 15-year old are
given a textbook of magic, but Asuta doesn't get the book.
21) Sengoku Night Blood [s](Taifu Graphics):
While Yuzuki uses a smartphone, time stops and she falls into an
ancient battle field where dog-man, wolf-man etc are fighting.

Sequels/Another stories/Spin-offs:

Dre-Fes R
Garo: Vanishing Line
Hozuki no Reitetsu 2
Idol Master Cinderella Girls Gekijo
Idol Master SideM
Kekkai Sensen & Beyond
Kino no Tabi
Love Kome Niki-saku
Love Live Sunshine 2
Mahoutsukai Precure!
Milky Holmes TD
Sangatsu no Lion
Shokugeki no Soma 3
Time Bokan
Umaru-chan R
UQ Holder! (Negima 2)
Wake Up, Girls!
Yuuki Yuna wa Yuusha de aru

/ Ishikawa Kazuo /
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