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My ratings to new TV anime shows of Winter 2017 [message #336519] Tue, 31 January 2017 01:29 Go to previous message
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This is the list of my ratings to new shows based on every
first episode. Most of proper nouns in this list are my
guess instead of official ones.

Ratings may vary episode by episode.
The number isn't the rank but only a sequence for
convenience. Sorted by stars.

[for k:kids, s:shoujo, g:grown-ups]
*:fair, **:enjoyable, ***:must see
a:good animation/artwork, d:good drama/story,
h:humorous/hilarious, m:good music, v:violent,
w:heartwarming, +:outstanding (e.g. a+ means
outstanding animation/artwork)

1) Little Witch Academia (Trigger): ***, adhm
In the childhood Akko was so enchanted by the magic show of
the brightest witch Shinny Shario as she enters Witch Academia
years later even though she is not from a witch family. On
the day of the entrance ceremony, she falls from flying broom
and is attacked by a monster bird in a forest, but she finds
Shario's magic stick by fortune.
2) Onihei [g](Toms Ent.): ***, ad+v
Onihei, the head of robbery investigation office, captures and
tortures a suspect Tamehachi, but he never makes a confession.
Instead, Tamehachi tries to clear his leader's suspicion whom
he respects whole-heartedly and guides Onihei to the next target.

3) ACCA 13-ku Kansatsuka (MAD House): **, adm
ACCA is a security organization that covers all 13 dominions of
a kingdom which is ruled by a king of 99 years old. While the
inspection section of ACCA is to be dissolved, the sub-leader
Totas inspects Farmas branch and exposes an illegal act of
the officers. Then the section is servived. But five directors
come to keep eyes on him. I like the ED song.

4) Chain Chronicle (Telecom + Graphinica): *, ad
When a sacred book "Chain Chronicle" is ripped in halves by
evil Black King and his good daughter princess Fiena's hands,
guardian fairy Pirika disappeares and the world is covered by
darkness. The leader of a voluntary army, Yuri, fights in the
princess's side but the king defeats him. In a village they
escaped to, he gets a good fighter Alam as a new member.
5) Fuuka (Diomedéa): *, ah
In a town, as Yuri is walking and watching his smartphone, Fuuka
falls to him. She stands up and breaks the phone because she
thinks he took her panty shot. Yuri is just transferred to a
high school and he finds Fuuka in his class.
6) Ajin-chan wa kataritai (A-1 Pictures) *, h
Takahashi who is a biology teacher studied "demi", half-human,
in the college. But he has never met any demi at the time. In the
high school though, he finds a dullahan, a vampire and a yuki-onna
in his students. Even the mathematics teacher Sato is a succubus.
Although the society has officially abolished the discrimination
for half-human, the prejudice still remains in people's mind.
7) Kobayashisan-chi no Maidragon (Kyoto Animation): *, h
In a morning, Kobayashi opens door to go out for work and finds
a big dragon Tour transforms into a maid. Tour says that Kobayashi
asked her if she comes to her apartment last night, and so did she
today. Kobayashi doesn't remember clearly what she did but Tour
becomes her maid at last.
8) Minamikamakura Joshikokou Jitenshabu (J.C Staff + ACGT): *, h
Hiromi is transferred to a high school in Kamakura. She tries to
ride her bike to school, but she can't ride well. She meets a
fresher Tomoe on the way to the school. Tomoe coaches her to
ride a bike and they become friends.

9) Masamune-kun no Revenge (Silver Link.): h
Masamune plans to revenge on Aki for a heartbreak she gave him
in their childhood. In the high school, he is popular among girls
and he thinks he has a good chance of success.
10) Gabriel Dropout (Doga Kobo): h
Gabriel graduated from angel school at the top of the class. As
an angel she is looking forward to work for humans to prevail
peace on earth. But in the human world, she gets addicted to
computer games and forgets her duties.
11) Urara Meiro-cho [s](J.C Staff): a
Three girls come to Urara-cho to study fortune-telling. They bring
a letter of introduction and Natsume-ya offers them accomodation.
They use different tools for fortune-telling. Kon uses Kokkuri-san,
Nono uses ventriloquism and Chiya uses mushrooms.
12) School Girl Strikers (J.C Staff): a
Goryokan Academy has a secret objective: to train and organize
Fifth Force that consists of girls with power to look into the
fifth dimension. They are called Striker and have a mission to
ward off monsters that constantly invade from the dimension.
13) Youjo Senki (NUT): a
Tania is a little girl but she is a strong witch and a platoon
leader who defeats enemies and saves comrades in a battle field.
She is so merciless and destroys an enemy platoon completely.
Her nickname is Teufel von Rhein.
14) Akiba's Trip (Gonzo): h
Evil-powered gangs Bagurimono prowl around Akihabara. While
Tamotsu and his sister go to the town for shopping, the gangs
start to attack and turn people into Bagurimono. When Tamotsu
gets a fatal injury, anti-Bagurimono girl Matome gives him super
natural power and saves him.
15) BanG Dream! (ISSEN + XEBEC): a
Kasumi enters a high school and visits many clubs to try.
One day, she traces a series of star stickers in a town and
reaches a pawnshop where she finds big stars on a guitar case.
To try to play the electric guitar, Kasumi and a girl from the
shop go to a live-music club in the town.
16) Piace [s](ZERO-G): h
Morina finds a part time job in an Italian restaurant. A yong
boy Maro is a cook and the dupity of the restaurant. But Morina
isn't familiar to the Italian cuisine. 3-minute short.
17) Handshakers (GoHands):
Tazuna is good in mechanics. He takes a request from a teacher
and visits the labo after school. The labo has a clinic where
he finds a girl in the bed. When she touches his hand, he turns
into a Handshaker that interferences another world Gigrate.
18) One Room (Taifu Graphic):
Yui moves to a new apartment for the entrance exam and visits
a neighbor to introduce herself. 3-minute short.
19) Idol Jihen (Mappa + VOLN):
A member of a city assembly died. Kondo asks Natsuki, who can
sing, to be a Heroine Party candidate for the special election.
20) Marginal #4 (J.C Staff):
A four-boy idol group debuts at Universe Festival. They are
going to establish Home Delivery club in high school.
21) Nyanko Days (EMT squared):
Since Yuko doesn't like high school nor talk to someone, she
doesn't have friends. But in her home, she has three chatty
kitties that look like cute babies. 2-minute short.
22) élDrive [k](Studio Pierrot):
Brick, a chief of space police élDrive, hires junior high
school student Chuta as an agent to fight against bad aliens.
Because Chuta has a special power and hears voice of Monitalian
which is a symbiotic creature from space.
23) Seiren (Gokumi + Axiz):
Shoichi takes teachers counsel on his future course. Although
he doesn't have clear vision, he takes a summer course. In the
night, a wet weird girl climbs the window and crawling into his
hotel room. Looks like a date-sim adaptation.
24) Cho Shonen Tanteidan NEO [k](DLE):
In a future of Tokyo, private detective Akechi, Kobayashi and
Mayumi are threatened by a cockroach sent by a mask man.
3-minute short.
25) Kemono Friends [k](Yaoyorozu):
A girl in Serval Cat costume chases Kaban-chan, a girl with
Safari outfits, who is going to a library.

Sequels/Another setories/Spin-offs:

Ao no Batsumashi
Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo
Showagenroku Rakugo Shinjuu
Super Lovers
Tales of Zestilia
Yowamushi Pedal

/ Ishikawa Kazuo /
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