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Welcome to comp.sys.atari.8bit! [message #328271] Thu, 04 August 2016 00:01
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Archive-name: atari-8-bit/welcome
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Last-modified: July 12, 2016

Welcome to the comp.sys.atari.8bit newsgroup!

Discussion about 8 bit Atari micros.

Welcome to the Usenet newsgroup for discussion about the Atari 8-bit family
of computers! These include the Atari 400, 800, 1200XL, 600XL, 800XL, 65XE,
130XE, and 800XE personal/home computers, and the Atari XE System console.

The 400/800/1200XL/600XL/800XL computers were marketed from 1979-1984 by
Atari, Inc., of Sunnyvale, California, USA, while Atari was a subsidiary of
Warner Communications Inc. (WCI), the media and entertainment conglomerate.

The 800XL/65XE/130XE/800XE computers and XE System console were marketed from
1984-1992 by Atari, Corp./Atari Corporation, also based in Sunnyvale,
California, USA.

Today, remaining intellectual property rights associated with the Atari 8-bit
family of computers are owned by Atari Interactive, Inc., a subsidiary of
Atari S.A. of Paris, France.

Kept by Michael Current,

The latest version of this document is posted to these Usenet newsgroups
every 23 days: comp.sys.atari.8bit, comp.answers, news.answers

Known web locations for the latest version of this document:

comp.sys.atari.8bit was created in November 1986 (as part of the Great
Renaming) as a direct replacement for: net.micro.atari8

comp.sys.atari.8bit is unmoderated, and has no formal newsgroup charter.

The comp.* hierarchy of Usenet newsgroups is managed by the Big-8 Management

Programs for Atari's 6502-based orphans.
(This newsgroup is not widely propagated.)

[German language discussion about Atari micros.]

Machines de la gamme Atari.
[French language discussion about Atari micros.]

Grupa dyskusyjna uzytkownikow komputerow atari.
[Polish language discussion about Atari micros.]

Atari 8-Bit Computers forum at AtariAge s/

Atari 8-Bitters Past and Present (Google+ community) 9

SOFTWARE "The World's Finest Atari Database" Games, Demos Games, Demos or "Total Demoscene Archive" Homesoft's Disk Images (games)

XL Search "The Atari 8-Bit File Archive Search Engine" (Bill Kendrick) or

Atari SAP Music Archive,

Atari 8-Bit Computers: Frequently Asked Questions (Michael Current)

Atari 8-Bit Computers: Vendors and Developers (Michael Current)

Atari Disk Image FAQ (Steve Tucker)

Atari BBS List (Trevor Holyoak)

Easter Egg Compendium (Digital Press)

Game Solution Maps

AtariWiki (Carsten Strotmann)

Atari 8-Bit Cartridges (PitfallJones)

ABBUC - Atari Bit Byter User Club

ABBUC Regionalgruppe Frankfurt / Main (RAF)

ACEC - Atari Computer Enthusiasts of Columbus or

AKPV - Atariklub Prostejov

SCAT - Suburban Chicago ATarians

SLCC - San Leandro Computer Club

SPACE - Saint Paul Atari Computer Enthusiasts or

WASEO - Walkenrieder Anwender-Software Entwicklungs Organisation

Atari Online News, Etc. (A-ONE) Online Magazine -- weekly (Dana P. Jacobson) and

PRO(C) ATARI -- print, quarterly, German/English editions (Markus Roesner)

Excel -- print, bimonthly (Robert Stuart)
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