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New version of my microEMACS available [message #281152] Sat, 08 November 1986 01:57
Originally posted by: (braner)
Article-I.D.: batcompu.1444
Posted: Sat Nov  8 01:57:01 1986
Date-Received: Sun, 9-Nov-86 05:27:35 EST
Reply-To: braner@batcomputer.UUCP (braner)
Organization: Theory Center, Cornell University, Ithaca NY
Lines: 37
Summary: bugs out, directory command in


For those of you who still prefer a (relatively) small, efficient,
convenient and friendly editor, I now have an improved version of
the microEMACS ("umacs") I advertised in July. (No relation to the
"3.7" version from James Turner - although they're both derived
from the same original umacs by David Conroy.)

The source will compile on the ST (Megamax C) and also on Unix,
MS-DOS, CP/M and VMS.  (I've only tried it on the ST and BSD4.2.)
Help is built-in.  The ST version employs ALL the function keys
for convenience (even HELP, UNDO and such) but is a TOS program
(i.e. no graphics, mouse, or color).  Commands include paragraph
reformatting and bracket-matching.  On Unix and MS-DOS there is
access from inside umacs to the system command line, but on the ST
there is no system command line to have access to... - instead
I've added now commands to list a directory (the current one or
by given pathname, including "foo.*" type wildcards - as is
available via the Fsfirst() call), and a command to change the
default pathname prefix (affects both directory listings AND
file reading and writing).  A few bugs were fixed, especially
in the word wrap and paragraph reformatting.

The me.ttp file is 42897 bytes (including the built-in help!), and
the source adds up to about 180K.  I will send you both, plus some docs,
and a "proff" executable if you send me a 3.5" disk and an
appropriate SASE.  (If you're in Europe, send two disks - one to cover
postage - or a check in US dollars.)  Some people add a few $$ to the
requirements - I do not require it but if you feel rich enough...
(I'm a graduate student with limited funds, and I've put a lot of time
into this thing.)

I do NOT think POSTING the editor is a good idea.

My postal address:

Moshe Braner,  Corson Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853 USA
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