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SOS-ProDOS compatability [message #281105] Wed, 05 November 1986 23:01
Originally posted by: F1.EGS@ISUMVS.BITNET ("E. G. Schnoebelen")
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Posted: Wed Nov  5 23:01:32 1986
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Re: Apple /// SOS and Apple // ProDOS

Software written on one of the operating systems will not run on the
other without a change in the format of the operating system calls
and a recompilation on the other OS.

ProDOS uses a 4 byte sequence in this format :
              JSR MLI          ; goto the OS entry point.
                    ; byte specifying what is to be done.

SOS on the other hand uses a two byte sequence as follows:
              BRK             ;Jump to the OS through the interrupt routine.
                   ; byte specifying the OS operation.

The OS opcodes are the same between SOS and ProDOS, so the only changes
needed to switch OS's is to change the JSR MLI to a BRK or visa-versa.

The above can be found in the ProDOS Technical Reference Manual ( I don't
remember what pages, It's not here ) and in the SOS Technical Reference
Manual ( I was remembering from SOS 1.3 ).

Eric Schnoebelen
Standard Disclaimers apply -- I work for no one, except maybe myself.
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