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Worst SF Movie [message #114251] Tue, 17 September 2013 15:20
Originally posted by: @RUTGERS.ARPA:Shiffman@WHITE.SWW.Symbolics.COM
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Date: Thu, 24-Jan-85 11:16:45 EST
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Posted: Thu Jan 24 11:16:45 1985
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From: Hank Shiffman 

    Date: Sat 19 Jan 85 21:16:38-EST
    From: Michael Eisenberg 
    Subject: Worst sf movie of all time

    Although it's kind of a cliched choice, here's another vote for
    "Plan 9 from Outer Space". Though I don't, in general, believe in
    the "it's-so-bad-it's-good" school of criticism, Plan 9 is an
    exception. It's so bad it's brilliant. It's perfection times -1.
    Change anything, anything, no matter how small, how trivial, and you
    would have a superior movie.

C'mon!  How could you improve on the line " dead!  Murdered!  And
one thing is for sure - somebody's responsible!"  Pure poetry.

    From: gondor!weiss@topaz (Michael Weiss)
    Subject: Re: Worst SF movie
    Date: 17 Jan 85 04:38:21 GMT

    Ok choices, but the all time worst must be:

    "Glen or Glenda"             : Bela again, in a touching, shocking,
				   revealing look at transvestites.

Naw, not Bela.  The part of Glen(da) was portrayed by Edward Wood,
director of this opus as well as Plan 9.

    From: ut-ngp!lindley@topaz (John L. Templer)
    Subject: Re: Worst S-F Movie Ever Made
    Date: 22 Jan 85 03:05:50 GMT

    Without doubt, at least to me, the worst science fiction movie has
    to be "Santa Claus Conquer the Martians."  As for "Attack of the
    Killer Tomatoes", I don't think that one should count; it was
    intended to be as bad as possible.

SCCtM also has the distinction of bringing to the screen for the first
time the inimitable Pia Zadora.
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