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My ratings to new TV anime shows of Spring 2020 [message #393453] Tue, 28 April 2020 00:47 Go to previous message
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New Corona virus attacks anime industry severely. Productions
delay, series are postponed, movies stop due to theatres'
closure, events are cancelled, animators and VAs lose jobs.
At least, however, people stay home and have much time to
spend for watching anime. And the number of subscribers of
Netflix seems to grow rapidly.

This is the list of my ratings to new shows based on every
first episode. Most of proper nouns in this list are my
guess instead of official ones.

Ratings may vary episode by episode.
The number isn't the rank but only a sequence for
convenience. Sorted by stars.

[for k:kids, s:shoujo, g:grown-ups]
*:fair, **:enjoyable, ***:must see
a:good animation/artwork, d:good drama/story,
h:humorous/hilarious, m:good music, v:violent,
w:heartwarming, +:outstanding (e.g. a+ means
outstanding animation/artwork)

1) Appare Ranman (P.A.Works): ***, a+dh
After Edo openend to the world, Kosame, young man from bushi
class, is assigned to supervise Appare who is a son of a rich
merchant and genius in mechanics. But he is also troublemaker.
As Appare is about to get arrested, he builds a steamboat and
runs away by the boat with Kosame. While the boat is broken
in the middle of the ocean, an American boat saves them and
brings them to Los Angeles.
2) Fugo Keiji (Clover Works): ***, adh
Kato has been transferred from the police section 1 to a slack
boring section. When he is assigned to a guard for the classic
car festival, a terrorist group targets at a prince from a
kingdom of rich oil well. Kato finds a suspicious van that
carries bombs. In the day, Kambe who is extremely rich joins
the section on a whim, comes in Kato's scene, buys a tuned
classic AC Cobra, Kato jumps in the passenger seat and chases
the van. Finally, he pushes the van to fall down from an open
bascule briged to the river. Next morning, Kato sees Kambe in
his office.

3) Listeners (MAPPA): **, adh
In a junk yard, Ecowo falls into a large gap where he finds a
sleeping girl wrapped with a blanket. She can't remember who
she is. But Ecowo is a big fan of Players and finds a jack in
her waist which proves that she must be a Player. Player is
the only human who can defeat Miminashi monsters. Ecowo builds
an equipment for Player. And when monsters attack his city,
the girl plugs herself in it, turns the equipment into a big
mecha and defeats the monsters. That's the power of Player.
4) Kitsutsuki Tantei-dokoro (Liden Films): **, ad
Kyosuke's friend Takuboku is a true poet and has many talent.
But he is liar and naughty at the same time. One night on a
street, they see a man comes out from a door and touches
Takuboku's sleeve by accident. Takuboku sees blood mark on
his sleeve. They enters the house and find a dead man lies
on blood-spattered table. Later, Takuboku tells his inference
to a detective that impresses Kyosuke.
5) Arte (Seven Arcs): **, dh
In Firenze at the renaissance period, Arte, 15, is a daugther
of a poor noble family. Her mother insists that the only life
a girl can have is being someone's wife. But Arte wants to be
an artist and asks every studio in the city to accept her as
an apprentice. Nobody takes her wish seriously, except Leo
who imposes her a difficult task in order to make her give up.
But she finishes it and becomes his first ever asistant.

6) Houkago Teibou Nisshi (Doga Kobo): *, ah
Hina moves from a city to the country by the sea and enters
a highschool there. It's her father's birthplace. She wants
to join the handicraft club. But she happens to meet an
elder student on an embankment and joins the fishing club
instead. Like or not, her fishing life has started.
7) Kakushigoto (Asia Do): *, ah
Kakushi is mangaka and pens toilet gags that he don't want to
show to his 18 years old daughter Hime. He wears suits and
pretends to go work as a white-collar, but actually he goes
to a distant studio and draws manga. Hime wants to know her
father's real job, and they starts to play hide-and-seek.
8) BNA (Trigger): *, ad
It's ten year anniversary of the autonomy of animal-human
(animan), but human's hate against them still exists. When
a tanuki-girl is attacked by an anti-animan group, she is
saved by animans and moves to Animacity. In the city, she
witnesses that terrorists, that are sponsored by a human,
explode bombs and a wolf-man catches them. The wolf-man
hates human. But she stops him to kill the terrorists,
and tells him that she was once a human as well.
9) Tama Yomi (studio A-CAT): *, dh
Yomi happens to see Tamaki in her highschool after some years
of separation. They are old friends and used to play catch.
Now, they join the school's women baseball club that suspended
activity for a scandal last year. Yomi surprises Tamaki by
throwing magic ball and remembers their promise to play
baseball together someday.
10) Hachinan te sore wa nai desho! (Shin-ei Doga): *, h
One day, a salaryman wakes up and finds himself as a 8th
boy of a poor count in a kingdom. Three elder brothers left
the feud and became citizen already. He, Bendelin, enscries
his fate and finds his talent of magic. He meets a wizard
Alfred in a forest and learns magic.
11) ULTRAMAN (Production I.G+Sola): *, a
Long ago, Susumu fused with Light Giant. As Ultraman, he
fought against various invaders. The giant left the earth
and the headquater of Science Corps was remade as a memorial
museum. While he visits the museum with his son Shinjiro,
Shinjiro falls down from a higher floor into a tall void.
But he doesn't get hurt and Susumu realizes that his son
inherits the power of Ultraman.
12) Gleipnir (PINE JAM): *, adv
Shuichi's eyesight becomes very good without reason. One night,
he notices a distant fire, runs to the burning warehouse,
activates monster in his body and saves a girl from the fire.
Next day in his highschool, the girl asks him to come to the
rooftop, shows him his lost smartphone and threatens him to
tell about his monster that he knows nothing.

13) Mugen no Juunin (Liden Films): av
Rin is a daughter of a kendo school. One day, 30 swordsmen of
Itto school break in the dojo and kill her parents. She finds
Manji as her body guard to take revenge on the killers. Although
the enemies are formidable, Manji has Kessenchu warms in his
body that makes him immortal.
14) Prince Connect Re:Dive (Cygame Pictures): a
Yuuki and his guide Coccoro come to Randsol, the capital of
the kingdom. They pick an adventure to get mushrooms. They meet
a hungry girl Pekoriene in a forest and give her food. Monster
mushrooms attack them but they cooperate to defeat the enemy.
15) Shironeko Project (Project No.9): a
In a world that Light King and Dark King governs, monsters
kills people in a village. A knight comes near the village and
teaches sword-fight to a boy who is the only survivor of the
village. He names the boy Dark Prince, tells him to meet Valus
at the palace and change the world a happy place.
16) Yesterday wo utatte (Doga Kobo): a
After graduated from a college, Rikuo works at a convenience
store temporarily. One day, Shinako, who was his close friend
in the college, visits the store and tells him that she became
a teacher in a highschool in this town. He confesses his love
to Shinako, but she doesn't make him happy.
17) Shacho Battle no Jikandesu! (C2C): h
After a goddess built some gates in ruined land, people
gathers and cities are reconstructed. One day, Yutoria calls
Kazuya to ask him to be the president of Kibou Company of
which ex-president run away and the company faces bankruptcy.
His mission is to save the company by leading employees to
dungeons, capture gems and trade them for money.
18) Nami yo kiite kure (Sunrise): a
To heal a broken heart, Minare drinks too much in a bar, and
gets acquainted with a guy next chair. The next day, while she
works in a restraurant, she hears her last night's grumble from
the radio. She runs into the radio studio and finds the director
is the guy. He makes her a grumbling radio personality.
19) Otome-game no Hametsu Flag shikanai... [s](Silver Link.): a
An otaku girl reincarnates as Catalina who is the antagonist
in her favorite otome-game. In happy ending, destraction is
her fate. She starts to find a route to avoid her destraction
in the ending with her cunning plan.
20) Algonavis (Sanjigen):
Yuto and Wataru play music in a live cafe. They look for a voval
for their band. They find Leo can sing and invite him to the band.
21) Bungou to Alchemist (OLM):
Based on some novels written by great writers in Meiji and Taisho
period. Since the stories are largely modified and/or abridged,
you need to be familar with the writers and their novels.
22) Kami no Tou (Telecom animation):
It's said that anyone who climbs up the Tower of God gets what
s/he wants. Rahel goes to the tower and her friend Yoru doesn't
want her to leave him. He follows her and he must pass the
Tower's severe tests.

Sequels/Another stories/Spin-offs/Remakes:

Fruits Basket 2
Ginga Eiyuu Densets
Hakushon Daimao
Honzuki no Gekokujou 2
Idolish Seven Second Beat
Jashin-chan Drop Kick'
Kaguya-sama wa kokurasetai?
Kingdom 3
Major Second 2
Shin Sakura Taisen
Shokugeki no Soma 5
Sword Art Online Alicization
(Tsugu) Tsugumomo

/ Ishikawa Kazuo /
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