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SF-LOVERS Digest V7 #20 [message #37398] Fri, 15 February 2013 22:48
Originally posted by: sf-lovers@cca.UUCP
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Subject: SF-LOVERS Digest   V7 #20
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Date: Sun, 5-Jun-83 12:27:26 EDT
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Posted: Sun Jun  5 12:27:26 1983
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>From SF-Lovers-Request@Rutgers Sun Jun  5 12:27:18 1983

SF-LOVERS Digest          Sunday, 5 Jun 1983       Volume 7 : Issue 20

Today's Topics:
                   THE RETURN OF THE JEDI (11 msgs)


Date: 31 May 83 14:25:11-PDT (Tue)
From: hplabs!hpda!fortune!grw @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: SPOILER -- Why did Darth know.....

     It's not really surprising that Darth did not know about Leia.
Remember that Darth did not recognize Luke as his son when he first
"felt" him in episode 4 ("The force is strong in this one" -- but no
"Hey!  That's my kid").  Only as he felt the Force growing in Luke did
he recognize Luke as his offspring.  Since the force has not yet grown
strong in Leia, he did not "feel" her.

     Clearly, Darth/Anakin was around for the twins conception, but
not their birth.  I wonder who mom was?



Date: 31 May 83 12:20:05-PDT (Tue)
From: ihnp4!ih1ap!pat @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: No More Lucas Films??

     On Monday May 30th, the national program Nightline on ABC
interviewed the VP of Lucasfilm about his future plans. Lucas is going
to take time off before deciding on continuing the SW pictures. It was
reported that the original SW cost $10 million, TESB cost $30 million
and the new ROTJ cost over $40 million to produce. Lucas feels this is
too much and until costs can become more realistic, he will not make
any more SW pictures.

     As a side note, in this same program they had Siskel and Ebert
confronting some asshole named Smith? who thought all of the SW movies
were terrible. A pretty good confrontation, but Siskel and Ebert are
so use to being good quippers that they provided better answers.

Patrick A. Fargo


Date: 1 Jun 83 7:21:41-PDT (Wed)
From: ihnp4!houxm!mhuxa!mhuxi!mhuxt!eagle!alice!alb @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: Re: Other Hope

     Which movie are you talking about!  RotJ most certainly cleared
up who the other hope was!


Date: 1 Jun 83 20:42:00-PDT (Wed)
From: ihnp4!houxm!houxf!5941ux!kpk @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: Re: re RotJ (not a spoiler)

     I read a review of RotJ, in NEWSWEEK, I believe, where the writer
stated his or her disappointment in the failure of RotJ to give us an
idea of what kind of government the Jedi establish. The problems and
successes of an new Jedi-ocracy would be a good basis for the next


Date: 3 Jun 83 15:52:47-PDT (Fri)
From: ihnp4!ihuxw!rtf @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: Re: RotJ

                Give 'em hell Barb!


Date: 1 Jun 83 6:34:53-PDT (Wed)
From: hplabs!hao!seismo!rochester!heliotis @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: ROTJ complaints

     First, a little problem with a scene.  Down on the moon, R2D2
gets zapped while trying to talk to the computer in the bunker (to
open the door) at Y.A. conveniently placed I/O port.  He looks pretty
bad to me after that; totally wiped out!  Yet not much later we see
him working just fine.  In ANH, at least they said they'd fix him.

     Now then, more thoughts on the ways this movie was disappointing.
The main problem stems from their trying to wrap everything up, I

     Rescue Han
     Have Luke finish with Yoda
     Determine Vader's true identity
     Reveal the Emperor (corporeally)
     Reveal the "Other"
     Have the Empire die, or at least look like it's in deep trouble


     Create a setting for a new space battle
     Introduce some new creature who will steal the show (R2D2, Yoda,
     Have Leia show some skin

     With the additional requirements of:

     Don't make the movie too long
     Make it understandable and satisfying to little kids

     Quite a lot, eh?

                                      not a Canadian,
                                      Jim Heliotis


Date: 1 Jun 83 7:53:45-PDT (Wed)
From: harpo!eagle!alice!rabbit!jj @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: Re: QUESTION  - *non-spolier*

     An even better question than "Who trained the Emperor?"  is "Who
IS the Emperor?"  As I seem to remember, the Emperor is the only one
who actually drew visible (and apparantly deadly) energy from the
force and used it DIRECTLY against a living thing (perhaps a
characteristic of the Dark Side?).

     I think the question of who the Emperor is is intended to
encourage us to watch 1,2, and 3.



Date: 1 Jun 83 22:35:53-PDT (Wed)
From: ihnp4!houxm!hocda!spanky!burl!duke!unc!bch @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: ROTJ ****SPOILER****

     First, some answers:

     It seems clear that Anakin is not sufficiently redeemed to join
the bright side of the force.  It remains for Luke to perform one more
task to fully free his father.  Traditionally, the rite of fire is a
purification rite, purifying the subject and freeing his soul.  In
this case one of the things which must be purified is the Vader
personna, hence the burning of Vader's trappings.  (It is also
possible that most of Vader's garments are insepa- rable from
Vader/Anakin himself.)  Obviously, this works.  If you look closely at
the final appearance of the ectoplasmic trio (Anakin, Obi-wan and
Yoda) you will see that Anakin materializes slightly later than his

     How did Luke know there was another?  Yoda told him on his

     Second, some history:

     According to an interview with Lucas in 1978, Vader's physical
condition came about as the result of a duel with Luke's Father on a
volcanic planet.  Luke's father was killed, and Vader slipped into a
pit of molten lava from which he crawled out by himself.  From that
time on he must wear a portable life-support system to survive, hence
the garb and the heavy breathing.  Clearly the plot has been
rewritten: in the novelization of "Return of the Jedi" Vader's duel is
with Obi-Wan.  The results are roughly the same save that Obi-Wan
lives to tell about it.

     There is either a glaring error or a glaring rewrite of something
in the novelization as well.  Obi-wan tells Luke that Owen his *his*
(Obi-wan's) brother.  I thought it was very clear that Owen was
Anakin's brother in SW IV -- "A New Hope".

     Finally, some speculation:

     I found the emperor to be the single most fascinating character
in ROTJ.  I sincerely hope that Episodes I-III (if they are made)
trace his rise to power from a member of the Republican Senate, the
seduction of Anakin Skywalker and the Fall of the Jedi Knights.
Perhaps Lucas wants to trace an earlier history but there is much plot
in the above.

     At last:

     Methinks that 'Bantha poodoo' does not translate from the Huttese
to 'Bantha Fodder' like the subtitles say.



Date: 1 Jun 83 21:05:36-PDT (Wed)
From: ihnp4!houxm!hocda!spanky!burl!duke!unc!tim @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: What's the only piece of Imperial hardware ...

     What's the only piece of Imperial hardware that doesn't blow up
when you destroy it?

     Darth Vader's personal armor.

     If the Emperor was so smart, why did he leak the rebels correct
information about the shield generator location?

     Your guess is as good as mine.


Date: 27 May 83 20:03:40-PDT (Fri)
From: harpo!eagle!mhuxt!mhuxi!cbosgd!mark @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: snowtroopers?

     I have a friend who claims that the people in the white armor
were at some point called "snow troopers" (in a previous Star Wars
movie).  I thought they were just "imperial storm troopers".  Can
anyone confirm or deny this, or add details?


Date: 27 May 83 18:42:12-PDT (Fri)
From: harpo!eagle!allegra!rba-dx @ Ucb-Vax
Subject: future episodes, **SPOILER** from ROTJ

     After seeing "Return of the Jedi" Wednesday, I was left with a
question. I'm pretty sure that Episodes I, II, and II will be about
Anakin (Darth Vader) Skywalker and how he was drawn to the Dark Side
of the force (what is the offer he couldn't refuse?).  But, what will
Episodes VII, VIII, and IX be about? Will the Empire rise into power
once more, lead by a sinister, new leader?  Or will a new enemy
terrorize the galaxy?

     "The emperor is less forgiving than I am . . ."
     Danny Espinoza


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