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Re: DEC Rainbow questions [message #281233] Mon, 10 November 1986 17:06
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Article-I.D.: hadron.608
Posted: Mon Nov 10 17:06:34 1986
Date-Received: Tue, 11-Nov-86 00:01:51 EST
References: <5276@brl-smoke.ARPA>
Reply-To: klr@hadron.UUCP (Kurt L. Reisler)
Organization: Hadron, Inc., Fairfax, VA
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In article <5276@brl-smoke.ARPA> (RLH) writes:
 > I have a newly acquired DEC Rainbow 100+ running MS-DOS 2.11.
 > What is a good source of public domain software for this? I have
 > Kermit, but would like to find utilities analogous to the good
 > PD software that I am used to in the 8-bit CP/M world. I am
 > particularly looking for UUDECODE, UUENCODE, ARC, and disk utility
 > programs. If these don't exist in PD form, are there good
 > commerical versions?

	Try calling either of the 2 Fido nodes listed in the .signature
	at the end of this response.  Both are DEC Rainbow oriented
	FidoNet Nodes.

 > Alan Vymetalik recently posted a UUENCODED ARC file of a desk-top utility
 > for Rainbow's, but I am having trouble with it. I cannot reach him
 > directly since he gave only a UUCP address. I can UUDECODE it on our
 > VAX/VMS host with no apparent problems (using the UUDECODE.PAS 10/15/86
 > version by Erik Olson). When I try to access the ARC file result, I get
 > errors messages saying the file is not in ARC format. This happens both
 > with a VMS utility called VMSSWEEP that handles both ARC and LBR files,
 > and with a CP/M ARC program. I have used both of these to un-arc a number
 > of ARC files from the CP/M world, so I believe they work. Alan, if
 > you are listening, where are you? Anyone else, can you suggest anything
 > else I might try?  I'd really like to get this running.
	The ARChive of DESK that alan posted was trashed.  I have a good
	copy available on 109/483 (Wash-A-RUG).  The DESK program is

 >         Thanks for any help you can give,
 >         Bob Haar
 >         CSNET: HAAR@GMR
 >         PHONE: (313) 986-1467


Kurt L. Reisler
 UNISIG Chairman, DECUS US Chapter			| Hadron, Inc.
 ..{seismo|sundc|rlgvax|dtix|decuac}!hadron!klr		| 9990 Lee Highway
 Sysop, Fido 109/74  The Bear's Den (703) 671-0598 	| Suite 481
 Sysop, Fido 109/483 Wash-A-RUG     (703) 359-6549	| Fairfax, VA 22030
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