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Word 3.0 for the mac Press Release [message #281182] Mon, 10 November 1986 00:40
Originally posted by: chuq@sun.uucp (Chuq Von Rospach; Lord of the OtherRealms)
Article-I.D.: sun.9087
Posted: Mon Nov 10 00:40:59 1986
Date-Received: Mon, 10-Nov-86 21:19:58 EST
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Organization: Fictional Reality, uLtd
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Thought this might be of interest to people.  Here is the press release for
Word 3.0, which I got from the MSOFT SIG on CompuServe.  Enjoy.


MAC300.TXT                03-Nov-86 7440               28
    This is the long-awaited press release announcing Microsoft Word 3.00 for
    the Apple Macintosh.  One feature this press release doesn't mention is
    that you now have an option to keep any combination of the program and/or
    the document in memory.  More info will be available soon.
(R D M) !r
    NEW YORK, NY -- October 27, 1986 -- Microsoft Corporation today
 announced Microsoft Word Version 3.0 for Apple Macintosh systems, with
 revolutionary new features that make it the best document processor or
 any personal computer.  Microsoft Word advances word processing on the
 Macintosh in the way Microsoft Excel advanced financial analysis a year
    Microsoft Word for the Macintosh is extremely fast.  In addition,
 features unique to Microsoft Word for the Macintosh include flexible
 menus, Quick-Switch, Page Preview, and the ability to place graphics
 and text side by side.  According to Microsoft chairman, Bill Gates,
 "Microsoft Word for the Macintosh has lightening speed.  I think this
 is the fastest word processor ever on a personal computer."
    This new version of Microsoft Word offers an impressive list of
 features in a graphics-based environment which are accessible even to
 the novice user.  Word's functions work together, are consistent, and
 can be easily accessed by someone without dedicated word processing
 experience.  When combined with an Apple LaserWriter, Microsoft Word
 Version 3.0 produces the highest-quality output available from any
 personal computer-based system.
    "Our four years of intensive experience with developing software for
 the Macintosh gives us the technological edge to produce fast,
 sophisticated applications programs," said Gates.  "Microsoft Word 3.0
 uses the superior graphics capabilities of the Macintosh to give users
 the flexibility to easily generate a great-looking document from start
 to finish."
    Microsoft Word 3.0 for the Macintosh combines features of high-end
 personal computer-based word processing programs with the ease of use
 and graphical user interface of the Macintosh.  The result is
 high-speed software that makes it very easy to prepare
 professional-looking documents ranging from memos to long reports that
 combine text and graphics.  The new version of Word for the Macintosh
 includes such advanced capabilities as:
    Faster Execution-- Most commonly used functions like scrolling,
 saving, and printing are significantly faster than previous versions of
 Microsoft Word.
    Flexible Menus-- Short Menus list only the basic word processing
 features, very similar to MacWrite.  The learning process is
 accelerated, because the more sophisticated functions are not apparent.
 As novice users progress, one keystroke offers access to Full Menus and
 more advanced functions, including outlining, style sheets, and
 Quick-Switch.  Finally, the ability to customize menus gives
 experienced users the power to build the menu of choice for a valuable
 shortcut to their most-used commands.
    Compound Documents and Quick-Switch-- Microsoft Word 3.0 for the
 Macintosh supports documents that include data in the form of text,
 but-mapped graphics, object-oriented graphics, formatted numerical
 tables, and equations.  Word makes it easy to edit these other types of
 data using Quick-Switch.  the users need only remember one command key
 to access and return from other appropriate software.  Word performs
 the necessary data manipulation.  Users can change text, draw lines,
 formulate equations and resize or crop graphics from within Microsoft
 Word 3.0.
    Page Preview-- To eliminate surprises at final output, users can
 view on-screen headers, footers, margins, and page breaks of two entire
 pages, exactly as they will be printed.  These then can be
 interactively adjusted, which saves time and effort by eliminating
 repeat printings.
    Page Layout Flexibility and Desktop Publishing-- Microsoft Word
 allows text and graphics to be laid out in multiple snaking columns or
 in independent (side-by-side) columns.  Graphics can be moved with text
 within the same paragraph.  Embedded PostScript gives the user the
 ability to tap the full potential of the Apple LaserWriter.  Microsoft
 Word for the Macintosh is designed to work seamlessly with Aldus
 PageMaker for those individuals requiring the advanced features of page
 layout program.  All character and paragraph formatting in Word is
 maintained when the text is "poured" into a page layout.
    Integrated Outliner-- A  integrated outliner allows writers to
 organize ideas, get a fast overview of work-in-progress, and reorganize
 lengthy documents.  When headings are restructured in Outline view, the
 accompanying text is automatically moved.
    Integrated Style Sheets-- Documents can be formatted quickly and
 consistently using integrated style sheets, which make it easy to
 maintain a consistent look throughout all documents.  Styles can be
 defined or modified as thent is created to effect changes
 instantly throughout the document.
    Data Exchange-- Version 3.0 includes a conversion utility for the
 IBM Document Content Architecture (DCA) format.  It also supports
 built-in two-way data conversion with other leading software packages
 or standards in other environments including Microsoft Word for the PC,
 Rich Text Format (RTF),ASCII files, MacWrite, and Microsoft Works.
    Column Manipulation-- Microsoft Word 3.0 includes traditional column
 manipulation functions such as column move, delete, five function math
 (=,-,%,x,/), and sorting.
    Spelling Corrector-- An 80,000-word spelling corrector is integrated
 in Microsoft Word 3.0.
    With its increased graphics capabilities and flexible formatting,
 Microsoft Word 3.0 for the Macintosh complements today's desktop
 publishing systems.  Version 3.0 integrates many of the formatting
 features traditionally found in desktop publishing systems and, with
 PostScript support, provides users with more sophisticated features
 required for complex page layout designs.
    The advanced document processing capabilities of Microsoft Word 3.0
 help position the Macintosh on the desks of business users by providing
 a powerful program designed for serious business tasks.  The increased
 power, graphical user interface, and improved keyboard of the Macintosh
 Plus combined with Microsoft Word 3.0 produce the highest-quality
 professional documents possible on a personal computer.
    Office environments that utilize both Macintosh and IBM personal
 computers will benefit from the data conversion capabilities of Version
 3.0, as well as complete utilization of the Macintosh Plus keyboard.
 Microsoft Word 3.0 users can perform cursor movements and selection
 from the keypad.
    Microsoft Word for Apple Macintosh systems requires a minimum of
 512K memory.  The program is delivered on an 800K disk, but owners of
 the 512K Macintosh who have not upgraded to an 800K double-sided disk
 drive can obtain a copy on two 400K disk free of charge by completing
 the coupon included in the Word 3.0 package and returning it to
    The product is expected to ship in January 1987, will have a
 suggested retail price of $395, and will not be copy protected.
 Current registered users can upgrade to Version 3.0 for $99.  In
 mid-November registered users will be notified by mail of the upgrade
 process.  Users who purchase a license for Microsoft Word 1.05 after
 October 1, 1986, and submit proof of purchase, will receive the Version
 3.0 for $50.
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