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Re: The Woz and the Apple IIGS, //x [message #281108] Tue, 11 November 1986 01:25
Originally posted by: kamath@reed.UUCP (Sean Kamath)
Article-I.D.: reed.4504
Posted: Tue Nov 11 01:25:19 1986
Date-Received: Tue, 11-Nov-86 20:31:50 EST
References: <7993B5U@PSUVMB> <557@sdcc18.ucsd.EDU> <8083B5U@PSUVM>
Reply-To: kamath@reed.UUCP (Sean Kamath)
Organization: Reed College, Portland, OR
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In article <8083B5U@PSUVM> B5U@PSUVM.BITNET writes:
 > In article <557@sdcc18.ucsd.EDU>, ee161abt@sdcc18.ucsd.EDU (Grobbins) says:
 >> The IWM is also in the Mac, as memory serves, so it's not a design
 >> for the IIc/e/GS.  And Woz wasn't on the Mac team.
 >> Grobbins.
 >    As far as I can find, it is NOT in the Mac, and, if you think about it, why
 > would it be? The disk drive set up in the II series and the Mac are completely
 > different (can someone verify/disclaim this, as I know not much about the
 > innards ofmy Mac +).

Oh, dear sir, yes, I open them every day, and I tell you there is indeed
a space marked IWM with a little chip there.  If you have ever used
something like copy // mac you will see  a menu with the option "Chang
header bytes"  with the default set to:   D5 AA 96!!!  Yes!!!!  In fact,
the Mac disks are indeed VERY VERY much like the Disk ]['s.  WHy throw
away all that knowledge. The unidisk 3.5 is the one that has evolved
more.  It interfaces with the protocal converter, but the addressing
scheme is still the same!

Read a book on software protection on the make.  Most of it is straight
out of Apple ][ books.


Sean Kamath

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                  purdue, hplabs, hp-pcd, sequent, uw-beaver, ihnp4,
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These are not the fastest or best paths, just the easiest to use.
I hope they work. (Most notably the US Snail Service :-)
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