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SF-LOVERS Digest V6 #110 [message #8113] Wed, 01 August 2012 01:49
Originally posted by: utzoo!decvax!ucbvax!sf-lovers
Article-I.D.: ucbvax.426
Posted: Sat Dec 18 17:15:18 1982
Received: Sun Dec 19 08:43:54 1982

>From SFL@SRI-CSL  Thu Dec 16 15:18:13 1982

SF-LOVERS Digest        Saturday, 18 Dec 1982     Volume 6 : Issue 110

Today's Topics:
    Books   - Brunner's THE SHEEP LOOK UP
    T.V.    - "The Invaders" 
    Misc    - explosive decompression, Star Trek crosses Known Space
    Movies  - Fantastic Voyage, SW/TESB/ROTJ

Date: 15 Dec 1982 21:45:18 EST (Wednesday)
From: David Mankins 
Subject: The Sheep Look Up, by John Brunner

I just finished "The Sheep Look Up" by John Brunner (having read 
"Stand on Zanzibar" earlier this year).  It is a pessimistic, although
not exactly depressing, novel about the effects of pollution.  It is
set in the early eighties and describes a polluted world in which the
Mediterranean, Baltic, and Caspian have suffered the same fate as Lake
Erie in the 60s, where you can only see a blue sky from the windows of
airplanes, and where the rain is so laced with insecticides and
defoliants (weed-killers) that gardens wither and die.  In short, it 
describes the world James Watt, Ann Gorsuch, and Ronald ("Prexy") 
Reagan would like us to have.  A world in which the entire United 
States is a Love Canal.

Indeed, Brunner depicts a President of the United States who is always
going somewhere on vacation, and who is continually making ignorant
remarks to the press about events, leading me to suspect that Brunner
modeled the character on Ronald Reagan.  Though I suppose most
Presidents look this way from across the Atlantic, Ronald Reagan just
more so.

I say the book is not depressing for a pair of reasons.  One reason is
that here it is the 1980s, and things really aren't as bad as he
describes, and probably aren't going to get quite that bad (although
try listening to the news describe the dieldrin contamination in
Missouri, and Love Canal, and PCB contamination in Michigan without
thinking about this book).  The other reason is that it ends on a
hopeful note.

Actually, its REALLY depressing if you end up considering the way it
ends as being a hopeful note.

It is written in much the same collage style as "Stand on Zanzibar."
If you liked that novel, you should like this one, too. "Zanzibar"
seemed "louder" than "Sheep"--I suspect Brunner uses fewer capital
letters in the latter novel.

It is more than just similarities in style that link the two novels.
In addition to being about environmental concerns ("Zanzibar" is about
over-population, "Sheep" about pollution), both novels have prophets
who are honored, but ignored.  Both prophets (Clyde Mulligan in
"Zanzibar" and Austin Train in "Sheep") spend some years wandering in
the desert after they've achieved fame.  Both return to the limelight
to tell us how much worse things have become.


Date: 15 Dec 1982 1304-EST
From: Mike First 
Subject: "Invaders" TV series query

Remember the TV series "The Invaders"?  It is rarely mentioned on this
list although I remember it as being quite good.  Was it really good
or is it just that I was much younger when it was aired (and is RARELY
syndicated).  One possible explanation for its relative lack of
success is the fundamentally depressing nature of its theme.
Essentially from week to week, our hero never achieved his goal (i.e.
convincing the world that invaders had already landed) nor did he make
even minor progress--whenever he would succeed in the beginning of an
episode to convince some people of the truth, they would be destroyed 
or otherwise incapacitated by the end.  Not very satisfying for the
mass audience.  QUERY: Did the series have a planned ending (i.e. did 
it end by having David Vincent convince the world that the invaders
are here) or did it die out abruptly due to cancellation (a la "Time
Tunnel", "Lost in Space", etc.)  Also, is there some sort of episode
guide available?  Did any prominent sci-fi writers have anything to do
with it?
--Michael (FIRST@NLM-MCS)


Date: 15 Dec 82 21:12:32-EST (Wed)
From: Ron Natalie 
Subject: MCP's and Who's Who.

Someone was complaining about SF being the last haven of the MCP's.  
But, if the Master Control Programs don't belong to Science Fiction, 
where else can they go?

In the last series of the Tom Baker Dr. Who shows, there was this
planet who were beaming equations out into deep space to restore order
because the entropy level was getting too high.  Anybody have any
scientific or mythological feelings about this?  I also saw someone
putting down the New Who on the list because he had question marks on
his shirt collars.  Look closly at Baker, he has them too.



Date: 16 December 1982 01:45-PST (Thursday)
From: Allan M. Schiffman 
Subject: More explosive decompression: SFL V6 #99

    From:  "ISHTAR::FELDMAN c/o" 
    Date:  30-NOV-1982 09:51
    Subj:  explosive decompression.
    Finding a vacum chamber at your friendly local highschool or
    college science lab, and observing a beaker of water in it
    would help you understand.

Wouldn't the  experiment be  more appropriate  if the  water is  in  a
sealed plastic bag?

You might want to trap as little air as possible, and leave some slack
in the bag.  Even better if the "plastic" was some kind of
gas-permeable membrane.



Date: 15 Dec 82 20:56:41-EST (Wed)
From: Ron Natalie 
Subject: Fantastic Voyage and Star Trek.

About the Sixty Gallon Drum of Water injected into the guy...  You
will remember watching the "radar" picture of the needle while the
submarine was carefully (lest it fall out on the floor) driven to as
close to the end as possible.  This was done to prevent as much water
as possible from entering the guy.  Something that was left out of the
movie however (but was explained by the book) is what happened when
this large metallic submarine that they abandoned in the guys brain
regained normal size (you'll remember that they exitted through the
eye without it).  In the book, one of them drags the partially 
decomposed thing out with him before it gets too big.

As for those who have been second guessing James T. Kirk about the use
of the Shuttlecraft and the Transporter in emergency situations:  You 
may submit your applications to the acadamy for mthe next term.



Date: 15 Dec 1982 1056-EST
From: Stephen R Balzac 
Subject: Vader death count

        Which is more evil:  killing someone with your own hands, or
hiring someone else to do your dirty work for you?  Besides, Vader
does appear to be into torture, which a number of people seem to have


Date: 13 Dec 82 13:02:42-PST (Mon)
From: decvax!decwrl!sun!megatest!fortune!dsd!atd!avsdS.steve at
From: Ucb-C70
Subject: re: light saber

how about simply believing Obi Wan when he said that the light saber
was a more elegant weapon for a more civilized time?  It seems
throughout history that the hand weapon is usually replaced by the
"NEW and IMPROVED" versions of projectile weapons as they are
developed( the long bow by the cross-bow, the Springfield by the M-1,

Current military customs usually provide for the wearing of the dress
sword only on special occasions. How practicle would a sword (or even
a light saber) be in stopping an opponent at 50 yards?

I would appear that Darth Vader took on Obi Wan as a matter of pride.
The sensible thing to do would have been to stay back and lay waste to
the corridor, including Obi Wan, with a suitable weapon. That,
however, never seems to happen (the bad guys never take the easy way
out--they like to gloat!).

How to obtain a new light saber?  Check out the local antique gun
shoppe.  I'm sure someone's grandfather had one at one time but it
outlived it's usefulness and was traded-in for something more
appropriate. (you gots to look at realities (?)).  If not, well, the
plans coulden't have all been lost.  (After all, it was THE WEAPON of
the Jedi for a thousand generations!!!).  Just run down tho the local

Besides, if you can still get battries for it, there must be some,

If you gots to get caught up in the story, you gots to start believing
more and stop putting in so much sweats over the unessential.


Date: 15 Dec 82 13:19:29-PST (Wed)
From: decvax!ittvax!neiman at Ucb-C70
Subject: Re: Food for thought...........TESB, the "other, etc.

The other day, I saw TESB for the second time.  The scene in which
Darth Vader wards off Han's blaster fire using the force answered one
of those questions which had been bothering me since I saw Star Wars
for the first time, to wit, how can our heros stroll through barrages
of enemy fire without getting even singed while the Imperial Troopers
fall right and left.  Obviously the force (as well as the necessity
for character continuity) protects them and redirects enemy fire.

And I thought that the guys in white armor were just incredibly bad



Date: 14 Dec 82 12:02:10-PST (Tue)
From: harpo!ihnp4!ixn5c!inuxc!pur-ee!CSvax.Pucc-H.Physics.els at
From: Ucb-C70
Subject: Re: Food for thought...........TESB, the "other, etc.

   Another thing I forgot to mention....

     When speaking about the dark side of the Force, Yoda says
something to the effect that once the dark side takes over, you are
forever in its sway.

     That would tend to rule out a turnabout by Vader.  Does anyone
remember the exact quote??

                             els[Eric Strobel]


Date: 14 Dec 82 20:52:26-PST (Tue)
From: decvax!utzoo!watmath!bstempleton at Ucb-C70
Subject: Re: Vader death count

There are many death counts greater than those of Vader and Tarkin.

For example, the Vogons in The Hitch Hiker's Guide ttG destroy Earth
and no doubt many other planets.  We're also told of whole planets
destroyed in games of galactic Billiards.

Many grandiose stories outdo even this.  Consider the tally against 
Boskone by the Kinison clan.

I think top billing goes to good old Nathan Brazil, however.  Anybody 
got a case that can top him?


Date: 14 Dec 82 12:32:49-PST (Tue)
From: harpo!ihnp4!ixlpc!tomoc at Ucb-C70
Subject: The Emperor

I caught Empire the other night and did remember at the end to see who
played the Emperor.  I can`t remmember his name, but I know it was NOT
Alec Guiness!  However, as noted before, Obi Wan and the Emperor did
look strikingly alike.  I think some people have come up with some
very interesting ideas about him, Vader, etc. but I`m just going to
wait for ROTJ to find out who`s who.

                                Tom O`Connor


Date:  14 December 1982 00:06 est
From:  Schauble.Multics at MIT-MULTICS
Subject:  StarTrek crosses Known Space

One of the animated Star Trek episodes, titled "Slaver Weapon", is
virtually identical to the Larry Niven story "The Soft Weapon". This
is not surprising, since Niven did the script for that episode. This
episode caused all of Star Treks history to be re-written to include
Kzin, Slavers, and so on. I am told that anti-gravity for Star Trek
was discovered because of a flying belt found in a stasis box.

The following is a combined chronology for that universe. It is taken
from another bboard, but attributed to NEXUS magazine.

Y1   First contact between Humans and neighbors.

Y4   Federation formed.

Y32  Federation sub-light CL in service.

Y33  Romulan Warbird in service.

Y34  Gorn sub-light battleship in service.

Y36  First Gorn-Romulan War begins.

Y38  Lyran-Klingon War begins; no details known.

Y39  Gorns lose first Gorn-Romulan War at Gorn-Shima.

Y40  First Federation-Romulan War begins.  Lyrans attack what they
     believe is a Klingon mining colony.  The outpost is, instead,
     from the Hydrans, and not previously known to the Lyrans.
     Thus begins the first Lyran-Hydran War.

Y42  Lyran-Klingon War ends when several Lyran clans abandon the
     war to protect their homes from the Hydrans.  Lyrans are
     forced to accept an unfavorable settlement.

Y43  Lyrans defeat Hydran invasion, but reach negotiated settlement
     rather than continue the war.  First Lyran-Hydran War ends.

Y45  Cruiser design introduced by Federation.

Y46  First Federation-Romulan War ends with ceasefire.

Y48  First Lyran-Kzinti War begins.

Y50  First Klingo-Kzinti War begins.

Y56  First Lyran-Kzinti War ends.

Y62  Federation launches first warp-powered cruiser.
     Klingons launch first warp-powered D6.
     Second Gorn-Romulan War begins.

Y63  Kzinti's develop warp power.  Federation begins converting
     thirty old-style sub-light cruisers to warp power.

Y65  Hydrans develop warp power.  By a fortuitous chance,
     the current sub-light ships adapt very well to warp
     power.  Conversion of these ships begins.  Federation
     CA, DD, SC in service.  Klingon D6, F5, E4 in service.
     Kzinti CS, CL, FF in service.  Drone I in service.
Y66  Gorns develop warp power.  Gorns could use this advantage to
     destroy the Romulans, but choose to fight defensively.
     Incidents along Hydran-Klingon border.  Klingons want
     settlement rights on oxy-nitrogen planets in Hydran
     territory; Hydrans want same rights on methane worlds in
     Klingon space.

Y67  Lyrans develop warp power.

Y68  Gorns win second Gorn-Romulan War.  Lyran CA, CL, DD, FF in
     service.  Second Lyran-Hydran War begins.

Y69  Gorn CA, CL, DD in service.

Y71  Federation forms the United Star Fleet.  Member planets begin
     disbanding their "national" fleets.  Second Lyran-Hydran War
     ends when improved Hydran weapons give them a decisive
     advantage over the Lyrans.

Y72  Federation Tug, Cargo Pod, Starliner, Police, GS cruiser in
     service.  Klingon-Hydran "incident."

Y73  Hydrans attack Klingons.  They do not have a formal alliance
     with the Kzintis (who are still at war with the Klingons),
     but are considered as co-belligerants.  Klingons are
     hard-pressed to fight a war on two fronts.  A new Hydran
     weapon gives the Klingons much concern.

Y74  Freighters and Q-ships generally available, except to

Y75  Badly outnumbered Klingon fleet defending the Hydran
     Frontier is decisively defeated by the Hydrans.
     Klingons agree to a peace settlement granting the
     Hydrans trade concessions, and allowing them to
     colonize several methane-atmosphere planets within
     Klingon Empire.  Kzintis howl with rage because Hydrans
     will not continue the war.  Klingons purchase much war
     material (at rediculously inflated prices) from Hydrans
     and turn on Kzintis.
Y77  Drone II, IV, V in service from this date.

Y82  First Klingo-Kzinti War ends.  Klingons capture three
     key planets.

Y83  Federation CC in service.  Tholians first encounter by the
     Klingons.  First of several vicious border wars lasts two
     years.  PC in service.  Klingon D7, F-5S, E3, G2 in service.
     Klingon Tug-B, Cargo, Power Boost, Transport pod in service.
     Kzinti Scout in service.  Drone III in service.

Y84  Klingons, having defeated Kzintis, attack Hydrans.  This is
     known as the "Second Klingo-Hydran War" to Federation
     Historians, as the "War of Retribution" to the Klingons, and
     as the "War of Infamy" to the Hydrans.  Lyrans attack
     collapsing Hydran border and capture several planets, but are
     not formal allies of Klingons at this point.  This is the
     Third Lyran-Hydran War.

Y87  Klingons smash Hydran fleet.  Hydran colonies are destroyed.
     Many attrocities are committed by the Klingons.  All Hydran
     ships larger than police frigates are destroyed, and the
     Hydran Kingdom is reduced to a client of the Klingons.  The
     Klingons established governors on Hydran planets.  Due to the
     difference in atmospheres, however, these governors are never
     really able to control the populace and usually rule from
     orbiting satellites.  These satellites have powerful weapons
     aimed at the planet below, but are poorly defended against
     attack from space.

Y88  First Federation-Kzinti War begins as Kzintis attack.  Second
     Lyran-Klingon War begins as arguments develop over division
     of the Hydran Empire.  In the confusion, the Hydran colonies
     of Altroth, Minxitith, and Krooth have not been noticed or
     occupied by the Klingons.  These colonies were established by
     major merchant guilds of the Hydran Kingdom, and the later
     power of the Guilds stems from this period.  The Guilds
     maintain the monarchy through Prince S'Lenthna, the last heir
     of Hydraxan IX.  The Prince is a virtual puppet (the Guilds
     hold the real power), but his presence is important in
     rallying the Hydrans.

Y89  Kzintis makes gains, capturing several planets.
     Romulans attack Tholians, but abandon the "First
     Romulan-Tholian War" in less than a year.

Y90  Third Gorn-Romulan War begins with Romulan attack.  Gorn Fleet
     Tug, Cargo, and Transport Pods, Starliner, in service.  Civil
     wars in the Hydran "lost colonies", as Prince S'Lenthna tries
     to break the power of the Guilds.

Y91  Klingons begin conversion of D6 class, increasing engine power
     from 24 to 30.  All are converted by Y93.  Klingons and
     Lyrans settle their differences by negotiation.  The Klingons
     are anxious to do so because they plan to attack Tholia.
     Federation begins counter-offensive to regain territory
     occupied by the Kzintis.

Y92  The Great Klingo-Tholian War begins.  First Federation-Kzinti
     War ends, with border re-established in the original location.

Y93  Extended range drones available.

Y95  Kzinti Fleet Tug, Pods (C, LSD, T), in service.

Y96  Third Gorn-Romulan War ends.

Y101 Hydran civil wars intensify.  Much of Minxitith rendered

Y102 Klingons abandon war against Tholians.

Y103 Second Klingo-Kzinti War begins.

Y104 Kzinti Drone Frigate in service.

Y106 Kzintis win second Klingo-Kzinti War, regain planets.

Y109 Second Lyran-Kzinti War begins when a Kzinti CS destroys a Lyran
     exploration ship.  The Lyrans claim a moral outrage over the
     attack, but ignore the fact that their "exploration ship" was
     exploring Kzinti territory for new colony sites.

Y110 First Federation-Klingon War.

Y111 First Federation-Klingon War ends inconclusively.

Y113 Federation completes the disbanding of the "national" fleets as
     the Federation Star Fleet is completed.  Sixteen Orion ships and
     9,000 skilled crewmen mutiny and disappear.

Y114 Second Lyran-Kzinti War ends.  Klingo-Tholian "incident."

Y115 Federation Battle Pod in service.

Y117 Orion CR, DR, Slaver, LR observed in operation.

Y119 Klingon Battle Pod and Tug-A in service.

Y120 Fourth Gorn-Romulan War begins.

Y121 Gorn Monitor Pod in service.  Klingo-Tholian "incident."  Kzinti
     Battle Pod in service.

Y123 Third Klingo-Kzinti War begins.

Y125 Fourth Gorn-Romulan War ends.  Gorns have claimed some
     territory.  Lyrans attack Kzintis with part of their fleet,
     taking advantage of the concurrent Klingo-Kzinti War.  This
     is the Third Lyran-Kzinti War.

Y128 Hydran civil wars end as Prince S'Lenthna abdicates in favor of
     his grandson.  Under-age, all of the boy-king's regents are
     heads of Guild houses.

Y129 Hydran "lost colonies" begin preparations for restoration of the
     kingdom.  Technology is acquired from unknown foreign
     sources, later said to be Kzinti or perhaps Orion.  The great
     22nd century journalist Rod N.  Berry suggest that the Orions
     were operating under a contract with the Federation G.I.A.

Y131 Third Klingo-Kzinti War ends, with inconclusive results.

Y132 First Orion CA sopotted during this year.  Hydran agents begin
     infiltrating the Klingon-occupied planets of the kingdom.

Y133 Gatling Phaser developed by Hydrans.

Y134 Hydran Ranger, Lancer, Scout/Hunter in service in the "lost

Y135 Hydrans from the lost colonies under King Hydraxan XI attack the
     Klingon satellites over the Hydran planets.  In a swift
     campaign lasting only a few weeks, the Hydran Kingdom is
     restored.  The personal popularity of Hydraxan XI makes him
     "unacceptable" to the guilds, and he dies under mysterious
     circumstances.  While Hydraxan XII ascends the throne, the
     guilds solidify their power.

Y136 Second Federation-Kzinti War begins as Kzintis attack border

Y137 Third Klingo-Hydran War begins when Hydrans attack Klingons.

Y139 Klingo-Tholian Incident.

Y141 Third Klingo-Hydran War ends.  Hydrans have gained no territory,
     but have regained their self-respect.  For reasons that remain
     obscure, four new kings take the throne in less than one year.
     The last, Hydraxan XVI, manages to hold power for two years.

Y142 Second Federation-Kzinti War ends with no change in border.

Y143 Brief Fourth Lyran-Hydran War begins and ends as Hydrans
     recapture two planets from Lyrans.  Lyrans are unable to
     devote full attention due to troubles on Kzinti border, and
     agree to ceasefire.

Y144 Fourth Lyran-Kzinti War begins.

Y145 Kzinti renegades (members of a neo-samaurai cult) raid Allen's
     Planet, slaughtering all 3,000 colonists, and kidnapping a human
     infant named William S. Gerard.  "The Marquis" (the Kzinti noble
     in charge of the border) captures and executes the renegades to
     preserve peace on the border.

Y146 Hydran "civil war" begins, but all combat will take place within
     the palace over the next five years.

Y147 Tholian Cruiser in service.

Y149 Klingo-Tholian Incident.

Y150 First Orion Salvage Cruiser spotted in operation this year.

Y152 Hydraxan XXIII ("The Great") ascends the throne, which he will
     hold for almost two decades.

Y154 Second Federation-Romulan War begins.

Y155 Treaty of Pelione re-establishes the Neutral Zone, and ends the
     second Federation-Romulan War.  Ensign Phillip Kosnett graduates
     from Star Fleet Academy.  Ensign Ardak Kumerian graduates from
     Deep Space Fleet Academy.  Fourth Lyran-Kzinti War ends.  Orions
     destroy border station K4.

Y156 Second Federation-Klingon War begins.  War ends the same year,
     with the Organian treaty.  Orions destroy a Kzinti border
     station.  Kzinti-Hydran Treaty signed.  Each pledges to
     attack the Klingons and Lyrans if the other is attacked by
     them.  The Klingons and Lyrans sign a joint defensive treaty
     six weeks later.  Many Lyran clans oppose this treaty,
     resulting in a sporadic civil war.

Y157 Gorn-Federation "war" starts as the result of a small incident.
     Both fleets mobilize, but no actual fighting takes place.
     The "war" ends only six weeks later with signing of the
     Treaty of Algoran.  Treaty of Friendship signed.  Fifth
     Lyran-Hydran War begins.  Lyran civil war ends abruptly.  ECM
     and scrambling drones available.

Y158 Fourth Klingo-Kzinti War begins.  Citing their treaty, the
     Hydrans almost immediately launch an attack against the
     Klingon border squadrons.  The Lyrans join the Klingons in
     fighting both Hydrans and Kzintis.  The Federation, anxious
     to reduce the threat to their security posed by the Klingons,
     shifts fleet units to the Klingon border, and discusses with
     Organians the possibility of limited action by the Federation
     to restore the "Balance of Power." This is, however, a "hoax"
     (the Federation would never consider military power as a
     solution to the problem), intended to influence the Klingons
     to negotiate an immediate settlement to end the war.  The
     plan backfires.

Y159 Klingon-Romulan Treaty of Smarba signed.  Klingons begin
     supplying advanced technology to the Romulans, allowing
     experimental conversion of six Warbirds to War Eagles.  These
     increase pressure on Federation Border.  Federation transfers
     elements of the Star Fleet from the Klingon to the Romulan
     border.  This allows Klingons to transfer ships to fight
     Kzintis.  Federation attempts to use the "threat of force" as
     a substitute for simple force has failed, and resulted in a
     dangerous situation that may eventually destroy the

Y160 First KR and KF5R ships transferred to Romulans, in service next
     year.  Phillip Kosnett becomes captain of the Heavy Cruiser

Y161 Kzintis introduce attack shuttle.  Federation-Klingon "Hostage
     Incident."  Romulans acquire freighters and Q-ships.

Y162 Kongo converted to Command Cruiser.  "The Marquis" sends William
     Gerard home in a Fighter-Shuttle.  Fifth Lyran-Hydran War ends.
     The Bezwell Index episode.  Romulans begin regular conversion of
     Warbird ships to War Eagle class, at the rate of two per year.
     Fourth Klingo-Kzinti War ends with inconclusive results.

Y163 Klingo-Tholian Incident.  Kongo conveys delegates to conference
     that will organize anit-pirate forces.  Orions attack ship and
     try to stop conference.

Y164 Romulan Pelican and Falcon in service.  Kongo enters time warp
     and returns.

Y165 Kzintis launch first carrier.

Y166 Series of incidents on Klingo-Kzinti border (undeclared war).
     Kumerian destroys Kzinti shuttle squadron #26, and is
     promoted to command the D6 "Destruction." Klingon D6
     "Devastator" operates as experimental semi-carrier.  Conducts
     several raids on Kzinti frontier to test fighters.  William
     Gerard graduates from Star Fleet Academy.  Orion Pirates
     attack Zeta Omicron station.  First encounter with an
     Andromedan.  Kzinti CV, CVL, and CVE in service.
     Federation-Kzinti articles of agreement.

Y167 Kzintis introduce improved fighter (can guide its own Drones).
     Kumerian, now in command of the "Tholian Frontier Harrassment
     Squadron", makes a "demonstration" attack against Tholians.

Y168 Federation and Klingons introduce Dreadnoughts.  Chaff pods
     available.  Klingon CV(T) and Hanger Pod in service.  First
     General War begins when war erupts on the Lyran-Kzinti border.
     This is firt known as the Fifth Lyran-Kzinti War, but rapidly

Y169 Klingons join Lyrans and declare war on Kzintis.  Hydrans attack
     both Klingons and Lyrans.  William Gerard serves as an
     "observer" with the Kzinti fleet.  Tholian Black Widow and
     Dreadnought in service.  The "Cutlass Episode." The Klingon
     D6 Destruction, commanded by Ardak Kumerian, raids Sherman's
     planet.  Warp-powered version of Romulan Warhawk in service.
     Kzinti Space Control Ship in service.  Klingons begin
     construction of B-10 Battlewagon "Invincible."

Y170 Klingon D6 Battlecruiser "Destruction" mutinies, and is interned
     at Federation Starbase 16.  Returned to Klingons next year.
     Klingons are outraged that the Federation dismantled the
     Ubitron Interface Module.  Klingons want to declare war on
     Federation, but are restrained by the Organians.  Kumerian,
     captain of the Destruction, is demoted in disgrace.  His son
     Kollos graduates from Deep Space Academy, but is refused a
     naval commission.  He transfers to the Security (Police)
     Forces.  Klingon CV(T) "Berzerker" lost in combat
     (circumstances unknown).  Kzinti Hangar Pod in service.
     Romulan Condor in service.  Orion CVL spotted operating.
     Lyran Lion DN in service.  Hydran Paladin, Dragoon, Knight,
     Cuirassier, in service.

Y171 The Organians disappear.  Several races are blamed for this, but
     none know the true situation.  Klingons declare war on
     Federation and attack Federation outposts.  Federation CV,
     DE, CLE enter service.  Three carrier groups formed.  Gorn DN
     in service.

Y172 Federation responds to Klingon attack with raids by new
     carriers.  Federation fleets are sent to assist the Kzintis,
     and a Federation expedition (Operation Hydra) unsuccessfully
     attempts to penetrate Klingon space to reach Hydra.

Y173 Hard-pressed by the Federation, the Klingons convince the
     Romulans to attack.  The Romulans declare war on the
     Federation and launch a massive attack.

Y174 Gorns Join Federation.  First General war has now reached
     virtually complete escalation.  Grand Alliance
     (Gorn-Federation-Kzinti) fleets battle
     Romulan-Klingon-Lyrans.  Hydrans have co-belligerant status
     with Grand Alliance, but are not formal allies.  Orions begin
     operating against the Grand Alliance, using unprecedented
     numbers of ships.  Responding to a Peace initiative from the
     Kzintis, the Admiral Kang sets out on it most excitin voyage.

Y176 Klingons and Romulans attempt massive operation to destroy
     Tholians.  Hard-pressed, the Tholians join the Grand
     Alliance, but will not allow Federation ships into their

Y177 Desperately besieged, the Tholians agree to let ships of their
     allies enter the Holdfast, but only those of the Gorns and
     Kzintis (since they would not pose as much of a later
     threat).  Ardak Kumerian restored to rank as Captain of D6

Y178 Lyrans introduce Psuedo-Fighters.

Y179 Klingons begin operating Pseudo-Fighters.  Two flotillas are
     formed: 700th (LDSF personnel) and 701st (ISF personnel).
     Kollos Kumerian's 701st Gunboat Flotilla ("The Bounty
     Hunters") begins a reign of terror that destroys 135 Kzinti
     fighters in a year and a half.  Ardak Kumerian promoted to

Y180 Hydrans and Orions begin operation Psuedo-Fighters.  Three
     Federation DN's converted to DN+.

Y181 Federation CV "MacArthur" crashes into Romulan capitol during
     "Operation Remus." Kzintis begins operating Psuedo-Fighters,
     and add Pseudo-Fighters to their Space Control Ship
     Dreadnoughts.  Gorns, Romulans, and Tholians begin operating
     Pseudo-Fighters.  Ardak Kumerian promoted to Admiral.  Phil
     Kosnett promoted to Commodore.

Y182 Operation "Cavalry." Gorn fleet units transfer to Klingon
     frontier for major assault in cooperation with Kzinti and
     Federation units.

Y183 Repeated carrier battles between Federation/Kzinti and Klingon
     forces.  Federation CV "Napoleon" heavily damaged and out of
     the war.

Y184 Pleiades Turkey Shoot, "Cracker Jack" Radey saves the fleet.

Y185 Organians return and halt the war.  They offer no explanation
     for their absence, but express hope that the "Lower Empires"
     (as they call the othes) have "learned the futility of war."


End of SF-LOVERS Digest
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