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SF-LOVERS Digest V6 #70 [message #8094] Wed, 01 August 2012 01:49
Originally posted by: utzoo!decvax!ucbvax!ARPAVAX:UNKNOWN:sf-lovers
Article-I.D.: ucbvax.9114
Posted: Fri Nov  5 12:20:27 1982
Received: Mon Nov  8 01:52:53 1982

>From SFL@SRI-CSL Fri Nov  5 12:06:38 1982

SF-LOVERS Digest             Wednesday, 3 Nov 1982          Volume 6 : Issue 70

Today's Topics:
    Review of 2010: Odyessey Two
    correction and ogre
    Re:  ST-TWOK
    Submissions from sub-distribution

Date: 3 Nov 1982 at 0933-CST
From: Clyde W. Hoover 
Subject: Review of 2010: Odyessey Two

        Potential spoiler - though I've tried not to get that detailed.

Review of 2010: Odyssey Two

NANO-REVIEW:  Execllent.

        "2010" has lived up to its predecessor very well.  I admit having more 
that a few trepidations about a sequel to "2001: A Space Odyssey", feeling that
how could any rational follow-up be written to that story's enigmatic ending.

        Not to worry - Clarke is back in his element with this book.  His
attention to the details of space travel and spacecraft, without the sometimes
excessiveness of "The Fountains of Paradise", help make "2010" a very readable

        There is an inconsistancy between the book and movie versions of
"2001", which Clarke acknowledges, choosing the movie version as his base for
"2010".  This is a reasonable choice, since more people undoubtedly saw the
movie than read the book.

        The story starts several years after the mysterious loss of Discovery 
at Jupiter.  The central character throughout the book is Dr. Heywood Floyd, 
who lost his job in the scandal that followed the ill-fated Discovery mission.
The spaceship that returns to Jupiter (with Dr. Floyd aboard) is a Soviet 
craft, the Leonov, which finds itself racing a Chinese spacecraft to reach
Discovery first.

        In this volume we learn the fate of Starchild/Bowman,
- suffice it to say he is not quite human any more.

        We also meet creator of HAL - a first class AI hacker if there ever was
one. His job is to restart HAL, a process that gets very complicated (I won't
spoil it here).

        Clarke integrates very well all the recently discovered data about the 
Jovian system.  He also has peppered this volume with science-fiction 'in' 
jokes (such as having the movie 'Alien' in the Leonov's library).

        In all, a fine book and the sequel that I'm sure many (including
myself) thought could not (and probably should not) be done.  Well worth
reading (maybe not at $14.95 for the hardback, but I could not resist).


Date: 3 Nov 1982 1533-EST
From: TYG at MIT-OZ at MIT-MC
Subject: Bestsellers

This week's Time has Foundation's Edge listed as #3 and Life, the Universe and
Everything as #8 on their fiction bestseller list.  tom galloway


Date: 3 Nov 1982 0630-PST
From: Brent Hailpern 
Subject: correction and ogre

A correction to my previous message:  HGTTG will premier in NYC at 8pm,
Thursday, Nov. 4 on channel 13.


mini review of "Ogre, ogre" by P. Anthony.

"Ogre, Ogre" is the fifth book in the Xanth trilogy.  For those of you who have
not read the previous books, Xanth is a land of fantasy and magic that looks
much like Florida.  The best known features of the series are (1) the puns -
every object in Xanth is magical so "horseflies" are little tiny horses that
fly, etc. - and (2) his "low" regard for those of the female persuasion.

The new book tells of the exploits of Smash Ogre, son of Crush and the curse
fiend.  Smash goes to the magicians Humphrey to ask his Question.  Ogres are
stupid, so Smash doesn't know what question to ask.  The magician, whose talent
is to know everything, knows the question and sends Smash on a journey to
discover the Answer.

The book is not as good as the first three in the series.  The puns are all
there, but he has used up the easy ones in the other books; hence, he is
resorting to farther fetched situations to make the puns.  Women are portrayed
slightly better in this book than in the previous four, but that would not be
too hard after characters like "Chameleon" whose beauty cycled monthly from
ravishing to ugly and whose IQ was inversely proportional to her looks, and
Princess Irene who manages to accidently show all of her anatomy to interested
males during hazardous journeys.

The one bright point of the book was the incorporations of video games into
Xanth.  I won't tell you how it is done, but it is a cute idea.


Date: 1 Nov 82 15:19:12 EST  (Mon)
From: Fred Blonder 
Subject: Re:  ST-TWOK

        From: Speaker-To-Animals 

                Remember the episode with Sargon, the intelligence in
                the white sphere? In that one, Spock's mind was
                transferred into the sphere . . .

        Clever, however remember that Spock was perfectly cognizant in
        his old body AFTER touching McCoy.  Spock can't be in two
        places at the same time . . .
                                                - Speaker

How do you know that? Maybe he dumped the Vulcan half of his personality into
McCoy's subconscious and left his Human half (which he's always been trying to
get rid of anyway) in his own body, to be destroyed along with his body.


Date: 3 November 1982 18:31 est
From: Schauble.Multics at MIT-MULTICS
Subject: Submissions from sub-distribution

Date:  2 November 1982 08:36 mst From:  Senft.Multics Subject:  SW parody
Reply-to: PCO-Multics%Senft.Multics -at MIT-Multics cc:  Senft.Multics
( Acknowledge-To:  Senft.Multics

I got this from the net about two years ago. Unfortunately, i do not recall the
issue or date.

Shade and Sweet water to you,

             The Tatoine (sic) 4, in a restricted zone to pick
             up the Death Star tapes.  An Imperial Cruiser is
             closing in.

Captain Antilles:
             Princess, we must hurry, the cruiser is closing!

Princess Leia:
             Just a minute I'm getting the settings on the
             recorder right.

Imperial Storm Trooper:
             This is the destroyer Fubar, you are in restricted
             zone. Please standby for boarding.

Captain Antilles:
             We are a diplomatic flight.  You have no right to
             detain us.  (aside) Hurry!

Princess Leia:
             Now then, they're transmitting at 9600, with no
             parity, and xmit request.  (changes settings).
             There, that should do it.

             Starting Transmission.

Princess Leia:
             Hang on, I'm getting parity errors on about half
             the letters.

             What is the parity set to?

Princess Leia:
             It's disabled.

             No It has to be odd.

Imperial Storm Trooper:
             Boarding in two minutes.

Princess Leia:
             There, try again.

(Buzzing is heard)

Princess Leia:
             No Good, The line isn't good enough for 9600.
             Move to 1200.

Captain Antilles:
             We don't have time!

Princess Leia:
             This is of vital importance to the rebel forces.
             Make time!

Captain Antilles:
             This is a non-military ship. Go Away!

Princess Leia:
             Still Garbled. What program are you using?

             FTP, of course.

Princess Leia:
             FTP?!!  I'm using TELENET.  Can't you use TELENET

             Which version?  All I have is 3.2.

Princess Leia:
             Damn, all I have is 2.0.....

           In space, no one can hear you dump.....


End of SF-LOVERS Digest
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