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SF-LOVERS Digest Vol 6, #67 [message #7033] Tue, 31 July 2012 00:04
Originally posted by: utzoo!decvax!ucbvax!ARPAVAX:UNKNOWN:sf-lovers
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Posted: Fri Oct 29 06:11:22 1982
Received: Sun Oct 31 02:31:50 1982

>From SFL@SRI-CSL Fri Oct 29 05:59:43 1982

SF-LOVERS Digest          28-Oct-82	       Volume 6 : Issue 67

Today's Topics:
   Authors - Moorcock & Cornelius & Steel Tsar, Pangborn's A MIRROR FOR
   T.V.    - Dr. Who in Mass., L.A.?
   Movies  - Revenge not befitting a Jedi?
   Misc    - SF Book club satisfaction, CMU in SF


Date: 27 Oct 1982  7:34:43 EDT (Wednesday)
From: Andrew Malis 
Subject: Moorcock's "Jerry Cornelius"

I own a copy of Moorcock's "The Lives and Times of Jerry Cornelius."
It is a British paperback, published by Quartet Books, 27 Goodge St.,
London W1P 1FD, dated 1976.  It was also published in hardcover by
Alison and Busby Ltd.  The ISBN is 0 704 31264 6.

The book itself is a compilation of Cornelius stories from all
sorts of magazines, from Quark to Penthouse, and from other
SF anthologies, and were all originally published between 1969
and 1974.  It is quite good, and well worth buying if you are
a Cornelius fan.



Date: 27 Oct 1982 13:03 PDT
From: Fusco.ES at PARC-MAXC
Subject: Re: SF-LOVERS Digest Vol 6, #66

"The Cornelius Chronicles" was published over a year ago.  I tried to
get through it, but found it slow, tedious and dull.  It is an
enormous volume and the first of Moorcock's works that I attempted to
read.  Has anyone waded completely through this book, and what did you



Date: 27 Oct 1982 1624-MDT
From: Evelyn Mathey 

Someone recently mentioned 'The Steel Tsar'.  Moorcock fans might be
interested to know that one of the current offerings from the Science
Fiction Book Club is 'The Nomad of Time' containing: 'The Warlord of
the Air', 'The Land Leviathan', and 'The Steel Tsar'.  Cost is $5.98
plus handling $1.39.

I have recieved extremely good service from sfbc.  When I wrote once
and told them a book I had ordered was a real stinker and not up to
their standards, they sent me a box to return the book in and credited
my acount.  Pretty good since I had ordered the book.  I have also
ordered books for friends.  I asked if they could mail direct to my
friend and bill me for the extra handling.  They sent a card to me and
my friend confirming the order, mailed direct to her and didn't charge
me a cent more than when I ordered the same book for myself - and I'm
sure it cost them more in handling since she is not on their mailing
list.  I have never had any problems with billing etc.  One of the
things I like is that you send back a piece of paper if you don't want
a book.  Many book clubs always send the books and you are stuck
paying the postage to send back something you don't want.  I failed to
mention on the 'stinker' book above, they paid postage for the return

Am I the only person to remember Edgar Pangborn's 'A Mirror for
Observers'?  I haven't noticed it on anybody's favorites list.  While
somewhat dated I feel this book was well written and significant to
the growth of SF.  Any comments?

-- Evelyn


Date: 27 Oct 1982 1533-EDT
From: Joseph M. Newcomer 
Subject: CMU in SF

December 1982 /Analog/, p. 74, the story "My Christmas on New Hanford"
by Thomas R. Dulski:

"When I graduated from Carnegie-Mellon I took a job with an engineering

This is the first mention I have ever seen in SF of a graduate from CMU
as one of the characters (they are usually from Cal Tech or MIT); I don't
think I've seen mention of a "Carnegie Tech" person in older SF, although
I do recall one comic book in which "Carnegie Tech" is called upon to
have its computers form part of some network computing effort.  So, by
some metric, CMU has "made it" to a new level of recognition.

The author,according to the biography on p.82, is a native of Pgh. with
a degree in chemistry from Pitt.


Date: 27 Oct 1982 0959-PDT
From: Tom Wadlow 
Subject: Revenge of the Jedi

    Date: 26 Oct 1982 1434-EDT
    From: TYG at MIT-OZ at MIT-MC
    Subject: Revenge of the Jedi

    While driving down Memorial Drive a few nights ago, i tuned into the NPR
    adaptation of Star Wars just in time to hear Obi-Wan tell Luke::
    "Revenge is not the way of the Jedi.  Sucombing to such base emotions leads
    to the dark side of the force".


    tom galloway

When confronted by this exact question at Octocon (in Santa Rosa CA,
just a few miles from the LucasFilm HQ), one of the LucasFilm guys
said that he thought the title was especially appropriate with regards
to the movie plot.

A few other bits of SW trivia (according to the LucasFilm folk): RotJ
will be the last SW film for Hamill, Fisher, and Ford (as far as
anyone knows, since their next possible roles would be in #7, about 9
years from now) and John Williams will be doing the score for RotJ.
His only other comment was that all the loose ends from the first two
(the "other" and Luke's Dad and whatever else) will be cleared up in
RotJ.  --Tom


Date: Wednesday, 27 October 1982  16:20-PDT
Subject: Revenge of the Jedi

Excellent point!  The title 'Revenge of the Jedi' has driven me up a wall
ever since I first heard it.  UNLESS IT IS THE REVENGE OF THE DARK SIDE,
I.E. DARTH VADER WINS!!!!  ( I have a sneaking fondness for him )


Date: 27 Oct 1982 0709-EDT
From: Dan Tappan 
Subject: HGTTG in Massachusetts

The first episode of HGTTG is on WGBH (channel 2) Sat 10/30
at 7:30. It's also on somewhat later that night on a couple
other public channels.


Date: 27 OCT 1982 2055-EDT
From: JDOS at MIT-AI (John Paul McNamee)
Subject: Dr. Who

Does any station in Los Angeles carry Dr. Who?


End of SF-LOVERS Digest

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