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CP/M & MS-DOS on S-100 Bus??? [message #118381] Tue, 24 September 2013 14:12
Originally posted by: jhull@spp2.UUCP (Jeff Hull)
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Date: Fri, 8-Mar-85 21:18:32 EST
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Posted: Fri Mar  8 21:18:32 1985
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Reply-To: jhull@spp2.UUCP (Jeff Hull)
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Summary: I want it.  I need help.

Last month (I think) in BYTE there was a letter that claimed that
someone is now producing an S-100 bus CPU board that will plug into
any Compupro system & will let you run both CPM-86 & MS-DOS.  The
letter implied (or seemed to) that with this board, I could run IBM PC
programs.  Does anyone out there know any more about this?

I am very sceptical because the IBM PC & programs written for it
involve a lot more than just the CPU.  Specifically, the keyboard &
screen interfaces are very well defined.  I am very interested because
I have over $2K worth of PC SW I acquired during a consulting contract
that I can't presently use because I have a CP/M system.  I don't want
to throw away all of my CP/M stuff & I don't want 2 completely
incompatible systems.  Does anybody have any ideas (other than the
board mentioned above)?

 Blessed Be,

 Jeff Hull            {decvax,hplabs,ihnp4,scdrdcf,ucbvax}
 13817 Yukon Ave.         trwrb!trwspp!spp2!jhull
 Hawthorne, CA 90250
Re: CP/M & MS-DOS on S-100 Bus??? [message #119441 is a reply to message #118381] Mon, 11 March 1985 21:52 Go to previous message
Samuel is currently offline  Samuel
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Posted: Mon Mar 11 21:52:06 1985
Date-Received: Fri, 15-Mar-85 01:19:07 EST
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Perhaps you caught a reference to Compupro's video board.  That
provides software with PC-compatible graphics (so I'm told), and
therefore enables your Compupro dual-processor or 86/286 board to run
MSDOS with a reasonable chance of compatibility with the PC.  The
board I'm referring to also has a keyboard plug, so that you can run
with a PC-compatible keyboard, and bypass the system console i/o.  The
central processor is not on this board, however, so if you're running
a 8-bit CP/M system, you'd still need the 8088 from someplace.

I'm expecting to see a demonstration of this video board at the next
Piconet Compupro SIG meeting in 2 weeks; -- if anyone's interested,
I'll let you know what my impressions are after I see it (smell it,

					-- sam hahn
Re: CP/M & MS-DOS on S-100 Bus??? [message #119495 is a reply to message #118381] Mon, 18 March 1985 02:00 Go to previous message
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Posted: Mon Mar 18 02:00:42 1985
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Nf-From: isucs1!drew    Mar 17 22:14:00 1985

Yes, this board does exist.  Just last week, I received a letter from Custom
Computer Technology about this board, the S100-PC.  It is a board which plugs
into the Compupro mainframe and is cabled to an external box containing an
IBM PC motherboard.  The interface supports I/O mapped devices only.

For more information, write Custom Computer Technology at:

                          Custom Computer Technology
                          1 CCT Plaza  Box 4160
                          West Sedona, AZ  86340

   --Jeff Henkels (Drew's roommate)
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