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SIMTEL20 new file list for 11-Feb to 2-Mar [message #118350] Tue, 24 September 2013 14:12
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Message-ID: <8860@brl-tgr.ARPA>
Date: Sat, 2-Mar-85 11:35:25 EST
Article-I.D.: brl-tgr.8860
Posted: Sat Mar  2 11:35:25 1985
Date-Received: Tue, 5-Mar-85 02:08:08 EST
Sender: news@brl-tgr.ARPA
Lines: 81

The following is a list of new files added to SIMTEL20's MICRO:
directories between 11-Feb-85 and 2-Mar-85.  A complete listing of all
files is available as MICRO:CPM.CRCLST.

        MLOAD24.AQM.1           BINARY   24064  585AH

        MINROOT.C.1             ASCII     1061  18C1H

        WILDEX20.CQ.1           BINARY    5248  0D5DH

        LOCKER.LBR.1            BINARY    8192  3154H

        TS430S.REVIEW.1         ASCII     5165  B728H

        FANCYPRT.LBR.1          BINARY  136448  1CDBH

        MLOAD24.AQM.1           BINARY   24064  585AH
        MXO-NA1.AQM.1           BINARY    9472  AE31H

        RCPM-059.LQT.1          BINARY   39552  BA91H

        KERMT405.LBR.1          BINARY  322176  3A8DH
        PIPMODEM.DOC.1          ASCII     6914  4349H
        PIPMODM2.ASM.1          ASCII     3123  F4BAH

        M740FT.MOD.1            ASCII     2362  2BB2H

        OSDTR.TXT.1             ASCII     3135  3DD3H

        XMDM105.LBR.1           BINARY   97408  6628H

        SPELL21.LBR.1           BINARY  114176  9665H
        SPELL21X.LBR.3          BINARY  121088  5271H

        PT.LQP.1                BINARY    2688  157FH
        XLBFUN.CQ.1             BINARY    5376  7603H
        XLBIND.CQ.1             BINARY    1152  F56DH
        XLCONT.CQ.1             BINARY    4224  8807H
        XLDMEM.CQ.1             BINARY    4736  40F4H
        XLEVAL.CQ.1             BINARY    5760  A2B0H
        XLFIO.CQ.1              BINARY    6656  0727H
        XLFTAB.CQ.1             BINARY    3200  7EC6H
        XLINIT.CQ.1             BINARY    1792  AB12H
        XLIO.CQ.1               BINARY    2432  9D82H
        XLISP.CQ.1              BINARY    1408  AF8BH
        XLISP.HQ.1              BINARY    4096  7B9CH
        XLISP.MQM.1             BINARY   24576  4BDDH
        XLISP12.FIX.1           ASCII      462  7384H
        XLISP12.LBR.1           BINARY  117504  E343H
        XLLIST.CQ.1             BINARY   12160  068EH
        XLMATH.CQ.1             BINARY    4480  E2B3H
        XLOBJ.CQ.1              BINARY   11648  B221H
        XLPRIN.CQ.1             BINARY    2432  EE6FH
        XLREAD.CQ.1             BINARY    5760  EAA1H
        XLSTR.CQ.1              BINARY    3200  B91FH
        XLSTUB.CQ.1             BINARY     384  C441H
        XLSUBR.CQ.1             BINARY    2048  7336H
        XLSYM.CQ.1              BINARY    3584  27F6H
        XLSYS.CQ.1              BINARY    2304  FC85H

        Z3NEWS.105.1            ASCII    13056  B1BCH

        Z3NEWS.105.1            ASCII    13056  B1BCH

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