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Ultima ]I[ *** Spoiler *** [message #115204] Wed, 18 September 2013 17:18
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 > From: allegra!watmath!jagardner@gatech
 > To: stanly@unmvax
 > All right, if you're giving out free hints about Ultima III, I'll bite.

I won this one my own before I got the book.

 > I know about going down the whirlpool, and can buy up my stats any time
 > I want.  I have the Mark of Kings and the Mark of Fire.  My guess is, I
 > should be able to get the Mark of Force and the Mark of the Snake if I
 > go down enough dungeons, although this may be optimistic.  I've gone to

Go to the eighth level of the dungeon on the large island east of the mainland
	for Mark of Snake. Force should also be down here.  If not go
	to the west on of level 8 in the dungeon surrounded by lava
	in the dark mountain area at the south end of the island (the same
	dungeon with the Time Lord ).

 > where Dawn is supposed to be and waited a coon's age for something to happen.

from castle go west 7 and south 34 .  Wait till moons are at
	(0) (0).  A town will show up near you.  Step onto it and enter.
	if yo miss it then wait for (0) (0) again.

 > It hasn't, so I suspect I have to do something else first.  I have yet to
 > see any cards, so I guess I'll have to check out more dungeons.  The Lord

The cards are under the Shrines.   and  at each shrine.
	I think the command is search.  The cards are under each shrine.

 > of Time has already told me the proper sequence for the cards if and when
 > I find them...  Anything crucial I'm missing, or is it just a matter of
 > checking out every dungeon?  (Oh yes, I will eventually invoke the snake,
 > but I've tried to do it every which way, and I suspect I won't be able to
 > do it until I have the mark of the snake).

Yes, when you get all the cards EZOCANE.

Make sure you have Exotics before entering.  Also,  have one person with
	a bow.  You will see why.... (ha! ha! ha!)

Note to winning: Be ready to DIE!  The place is very hard to win.  Use
	COPYA and backup your player disk so you can save your characters.

Send me mail . . . I   L O V E  mail

          Josh Siegel

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