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1541 overheating [message #113874] Tue, 17 September 2013 14:53
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Date: Wed, 6-Mar-85 03:57:52 EST
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Posted: Wed Mar  6 03:57:52 1985
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Some possible suggestions on how to keep your 1541 from overheating...

1> Go out and buy some rubber "feet". Place these on to of the current "feet"
to give them some more hight. Try to give the drive something of a forward
incline... that seems to help as well.

2> Never stack 2 1541's on top of each other. Do not cover the (sic) vents
on the top or bottom.

3> Take 4 pencils with erasers, cut them to a inch or so, and place them in
the wells where the case screws are. This puts the drive on "stilts".

4> Take four rubber "feet", and place them on the the LEFT SIDE of the case.
Then stand the drive on it's edge. (This really works!). If you still have
problems drill holes in the plastic on what is now the top and bottom of
the drive for air flow.

5> Now for my favorite... Open the drive case and locate the two large
silver regulators near the back on the right side. 

	       \!/      !
	       -O-  (X) !
		   /!\      !
		   \!/      !
		   -O-  (X) !
		   /!\      !        --right rear corner, 1541

  Drill two large (1/2 inch) holes in the plastic to the right and below (X).
This will create a airflow past the heat sinks that really lowers temeratures!

6> If you STILL have problems go to radio shack and get "heat sink grease"
and some scrap metal. Glue, clip or other wise fasten the metal and grease
to the two chips nearest the heat sink. (6502, 901XXXX-0X) these are the two 
that repeatedly fail inn overheatinng disk drives.

7> Buy a faster disk drive that takes less spinning to acheive the same

8> If you are using your computer but don't plan to access the disk drive for
a while just reach over and turn the drive off. Turning the disk drive on/off
while the computer is on causes no problems.

   -Bryce Nesbitt of 1541 Flash!
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