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Undeliverable mail [message #91544] Wed, 26 June 2013 00:47
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Message-ID: <6164@brl-tgr.ARPA>
Date: Thu, 29-Nov-84 11:59:28 EST
Article-I.D.: brl-tgr.6164
Posted: Thu Nov 29 11:59:28 1984
Date-Received: Sun, 2-Dec-84 02:45:17 EST
Sender: news@brl-tgr.ARPA
Organization: Ballistic Research Lab
Lines: 47

===== POSTMAN output follows =====
"overman": not delivered (unknown user)

===== unsent message follows =====
Received: FROM AMSAA.ARPA BY USC-ISIF.ARPA WITH TCP ; 28 Nov 84 19:17:55 PST
Received: From by AMSAA via smtp;  28 Nov 84 20:51 EST
Received: from usenet by BRL-TGR.ARPA id a002532; 28 Nov 84 20:26 EST
From: Rick Coates 
Newsgroups: net.micro.cpm
Subject: Is this really Mr. Pournelle?
Message-ID: <1858@iddic.UUCP>
Date: 27 Nov 84 17:49:24 GMT
To:       info-cpm@AMSAA.ARPA
Reply-To: info-cpm@AMSAA.ARPA

Is this really from Jerry Pournelle, science fiction author and columnist
in Byte Magazine - or is someone on the net impersonating him?
(Remember moscvax, et al).

 >  Relay-Version: version B 2.10.2 (Tek) 9/12/84; site iddic.UUCP
 >  Posting-Version: version B 2.10.2 9/18/84; site brl-tgr.ARPA
 >  Path: iddic!orca!tektronix!hplabs!hpda!fortune!amdcad!decwrl!decvax!genrad!mit-eddie!godot!harvard!seismo!brl-tgr!internet!"Jerry E. Pournelle" 
 >  From: "Jerry E. Pournelle" 
 >  Newsgroups: net.micro.cpm
 >  Subject: Microsystems/Tech Journal
 >  Message-ID: <5930@brl-tgr.ARPA>
 >  Date: 20 Nov 84 10:20:01 GMT
 >  Date-Received: 23 Nov 84 07:51:06 GMT
 >  Sender: news@brl-tgr.ARPA
 >  Organization: Ballistic Research Lab
 >  Lines: 5
 >  I met Susan Gelpert-Cole, Ph.D., one of the editors of PC Tech
 >  Journal at COMDEX.  She's sharp.  The magazine may not be a bad
 >  buy.  Me, I never saw one before.  Obviously  fyou don't care
 >  for PC you won't want it since it is a captive; Susan says they
 >  do not write about PClones even yet already.

I find it hard to believe that a professional writer would put out something
like this, even to a limited public audience.  Several of the other recent
submissions from POURNE@mit-mc are similar in English quality.  Typos
are one thing, 'even yet already' is another.

Rick Coates
(csnet has problems at our site)
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