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turbo-digest digest, Volume 11, Issue 7 [message #4846] Fri, 27 July 2012 01:23
Originally posted by:
In this issue:
	express question
	FS from japan

Date: Tue Apr  5 11:29:59 EDT 2005
Subject: express question

hey List,
    i have been having a great time with my express but i'd really like 
to get an ac adapter.  i've been finding the japanese adapter (for the 
pc engine GT).  will that work on my north american unit? this is the 
official unit.  i don't use any sort of step up / down converters for 
my other game systems which i use here in japan or for the japanese 
systems i used in the states.  anyway,  has anyone tried this?  thanks, 

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Date: Tue Apr  5 11:43:17 EDT 2005
Subject: FS from japan

sorry to those of you who are getting this twice.  i've been getting 
emails from some of you about things you'd like picked up in japan.  
with my trip to the states finally coming up in may, i figure this 
would be as good a time as any to do for you as others who used to live 
in japan had done for me when i lived in the states.  so,  those of you 
looking for anything dreamcast, saturn, pc-fx, pc engine related please 
get me your lists and i will , on my next trip to akihabara this friday 
collect all the prices for you.  you will then have to tell me what you 
want and i will give you a total.  if you agree to the price (shipping 
will be from the US) (i will tell you the japanese prices but i will 
probably make about 5-10% on this), then you can paypal me and i will 
ship everything at once from the states.  here are the rules: 
1.  i will only buy from trader or liberty because they have great 
selections and generall the best prices.  this will limit the time i 
spend digging through the plethora of shops.  i will give you the best 
price if both shops have the item you want.  generally, trader is 
2.  i will not do any playstation searches unless it's a special case.  
i don't really know that library so well and there are waaay too many 
games for me to go digging around.  unless you are buying other things, 
please don't request ps games. 
3.  in the past, people have asked for options other than pay pal but i 
am afraid that is not possible.  pay pal is fast and verifiable and i 
don't have time to deal with money orders and certainly not checks. 
4.  please specify if you want spine cards or not.  it usually makes a 
difference in price of between 5-15% depending on the game. 
5.  do not send me a list of 1,000 games that you are looking for.  
only things that you seriously are intersted in. 
 i'm taking advantage of slow time at work to do some of my own 
shopping.  so, if you are interested and serious, or at least have any 
questions, let me know,   
    cheers, george

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