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turbo-digest digest, Volume 11, Issue 1 [message #4840] Fri, 27 July 2012 01:23
Originally posted by:
In this issue:
	Re: Ys stuff
	Re: Do you remember if there was a high-score scoreboard
	RE: are these magical chase claims true?

Date: Wed Mar 30 03:31:46 EST 2005
Subject: Re: Ys stuff

The really weird thing about Mask of the Sun is that the mask of the sun
isn't even mentioned in the plot at all. (Or that's how I remember it
anyway.) The mask of the sun (the item) played a big part in Dawn of Ys.
Apparently, "The Dawn of Ys" story is an 'expanded' version of the "Mask of
the Sun" story. They are a bit similar, but "Mask of the Sun" lacks a lot
of the characters and details that played a big part in the "Dawn of Ys"
story... and even the mask itself.

I know that the SFC "Mask of the Sun" has gotten its share of negative
opinions due to the fact that it pales in comparison to Dawn of Ys, but
those of you who love Ys and have played every other game in the series
should really hunt this one down too. It's completely different from the
PCE version and still offers plenty of true Ys action. If you accept the
fact that it's not going to be as good as "Dawn of Ys", it's also a
reasonably enjoyable game that I, for one, had a pretty good time playing

And about "Mask of the Sun" being considered the true Ys 4... I wouldn't
take it too seriously. It could be because "Mask of the Sun" was released
one month ahead of "Dawn of Ys". But there are probably also a couple of
business and technical-related reasons for this. One being that "The Dawn
of Ys" is actually owned by Hudson, while "Mask of the Sun" was published
by Tonkin House and I believe Falcom now owns the rights to it. (They
probably do because they re-released it themselves.) The other reason is
that the SFC game was much easier to emulate and contain on the compilation
disc that came with Ys VI. "Dawn of Ys" would have probably required a
separate disc in order to fit all the voices and music. Plus, the EGG
company (who made the emulators contained on the disk) doesn't have their
own working PCE emulator at present, while they already had legal ones for
PC-88 and SFC before Ys VI was released. (If you don't know about EGG,
they're a company that sells legal downloads of old games in Japan.

Yeah, if Falcom says that "Mask of the Sun" is the true Ys IV, then I guess
it is because it's their series, but I question their reasons, and I still
think that "Dawn of Ys" makes a good follow up to Ys I-III.

For those of you trying to list every system Ys was ever released on, quit
trying and just go look at these pages. You haven't even come close to
listing them all yet. This page has the definitive release info for every
Ys game released for any platform as well as that for other Falcom games.
They even list some unreleased versions and the fan ports to the X68k. The
pages are in Japanese, but you can probably make out some of the info
without Japanese support on your browser... or try a translator.


Date: Wed Mar 30 12:15:15 EST 2005
Subject: Re: Do you remember if there was a high-score scoreboard

Hi folks,

 >  Query from Walter Day :
 >  Do you remember if there was a high-score scoreboard in any of the old
 >  Turbografx magazines?

There wasn't a high-score scoreboard in TurboPlay, TurboForce or
DuoWorld.  However, there was one-off contest for getting a high-score
in Super Star Soldier (5 minute Caravan Mode) ...

( from this issue )

( from this issue )

SS Soldier STRATEGY GUIDE (prepping readers for a future contest, perhaps?): ( from this issue )

I think the TG-16 magazines shied away from contest like these because
they required technical prowess and weren't as inclusive as, say, an
art contest.  I'll look and see if I missed any other high-score info
/ contests... but I'm pretty certain there aren't any others.

-- steve

TurboGrafx Preservation Society

Date: Wed Mar 30 21:54:49 EST 2005
Subject: RE: are these magical chase claims true?

      Actually, I think the guy's claims are correct.  I have had 
SEVERAL copies of Order of the Griffon over the years, have seen Bonk 3 
plenty of times ( and have a SEALED copy), and seen Beyond Shadowgate 
for sale several times.  I got my copy of Shadowgate new from Radio 
Shack several years ago after the Turbo's heyday.      On the flip side, I have NEVER seen a copy of Dynastic Hero in 
person and have only seen it on evilBay once.  Wish I would have scored 
a copy while TZD still had it.  Missed Magical chase at Toys R Us for 
less than $5 back when they clearanced all their Turbo stuff out (by 
decree of Nintendo, so I heard).  Magical Chase appears on eBay 
occasionally, but does seem to be fairly rare.  However, I see Magical 
Chase far more often than Godzilla and a few others that escape memory 
right now.  Magical Chase seems to pull in the dollars, though, due to 
the fact that it is a shooter and a good game along with its rarity.      Anyways, I'll end my book now.  I haven't posted to the list in a 
while and just kept typing and typing and typing and typing............ 

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