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Re:^3 ACTION! brain damage [message #85934] Mon, 17 June 2013 17:20
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Message-ID: <373@snow.UUCP>
Date: Tue, 12-Feb-85 05:49:04 EST
Article-I.D.: snow.373
Posted: Tue Feb 12 05:49:04 1985
Date-Received: Tue, 19-Feb-85 06:37:34 EST
Organization: Computer Science Department, Warwick University, UK
Lines: 36

[Go on bug, make my day..]

  I'm sorry if I appeared overly critical of ACTION!, 'cos I really do
like the language- I think that saying it should never be used is going
a bit too far. It is the *only* high level language I use on the atari, and
it is better that B***C for quick hacks- who notices ~1 second compile times?
And the editor really speeds changes up. I guess the reason why I whined was
the excellence of the whole package threw these teeny-weeny problemettes into
stark contrast (suck, suck :-).
	Support doesn't bother us out here in the UK- we never get any. We
send off our registration forms like good little boys, and they're recycled
as fire-lighters somewhere in the US snail.
	What do you mean; who needs recursion ? I always calculate my
factorials that way :-). Seriously though, if you want to write a recursive
descent parser (I must admit I've only just started mine) there may be some
problems. I never could figure out LALR parsers, so LL(1) is the only way.
	Another couple of questions;
1. Can you open the second screen in the ACTION! editor onto the same file
 without reading in a fresh copy?
2. Does anyone out there used the atari Macro-Assembler (MAC/65 hasn't reached
 the black country yet)? If so, how do you run a .OBJ file? The only way I
have discovered is to load it using L,postfixed /N, then running at address.
However, it just hangs up at the end if I 'brk' or 'rts' from the program.

I haven't had any mail reach me, but then again, all the news that has
reached here has been jumbled chronologically (I still can't work out that
DOS requirements letter) so here is (I think) my address relative to 'seismo'


Thanks for your time and help,
	 Tim Bissell,
	 University of Warwick, UK

[[ These opinions can be blamed entirely on my parents and mentors
   manipulating me since my birth ]]
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