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GEM for Macintosh [message #83243] Mon, 10 June 2013 21:26
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Date: Thu, 31-Jan-85 18:07:10 EST
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Posted: Thu Jan 31 18:07:10 1985
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Has anyone heard anything about GEM for the mac??? I know that it might be a 
bit like hobbling a racehorse so it can pull a plow. But I'm curious  
about the possibility of using my mac to develop software for these new machines
It seems to me like it should be awfully easy for anyone so inclined to put GEM
on the mac (or is it??)
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Posted: Tue Sep 17 13:08:26 1985
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In article <71@ucdavis.UUCP> ccrdan@ucdavis.UUCP (Dan Gold) writes:

[color=teal]>>  I thought that the ATARI was using a variant of CP/M-68K. That was what my[/color]
[color=teal]>>  fallible sources informed me (confirmation or denials, anyone?).[/color]
[color=blue]> [/color]
[color=blue]> I believe that the Atari will be using the GEM system or something very[/color]
[color=blue]> similiar.[/color]
[color=blue]> [/color]
[color=blue]> Dan Gold[/color]

My understanding is that GEM does not replace the operating system,
but instead provides a common library of window management functions.
(It may also provide a common interface for the basic operating
system calls.)  When you run GEM on an IBM-PC, you are using a
different OS than when you run it on an Atari ST.

For example, if the underlying OS only provided for 8-character file
names, then icons could only have 8-character names.  If the OS
allows file names with spaces in them then icon names can have spaces
in them.

Larry Rosenstein
Apple Computer

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Posted: Thu Sep 19 17:27:46 1985
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References: <511@petrus.UUCP> <974@druxo.UUCP> <575@sftig.UUCP> <186@graffiti.UUCP> <71@ucdavis.UUCP>, <35387@apRe: GEM
Organization: Bell Labs, Murray Hill
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What does Mr. Franklin mean by "the millions" of CP/M-68K programs out there?

CP/M-68K is the new 68000 mpu (hence 68K) version of CP/M, or an MS-DOS
hybridized son-of-CP/M. Is it true that CP/M-68K programs are actually out
for machines other than the ST? I've never seen any myself, so I must 
wonder. And would they be at all compatible with the ST?

A totally unrelated question:
 Please be subjective: What is (barring price) a better deal- an ST or an AMig
D. Rosenberg on Murray Hill /\   ATT/BTL         tel:1-201-464-5269

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