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IBM PC DOS file protection (Summary of Responses) [message #80959] Tue, 04 June 2013 00:01
Originally posted by: leo@uf-csv.UUCP (Leo Wilson [staff])
Message-ID: <129@uf-csv.UUCP>
Date: Fri, 2-Nov-84 17:04:23 EST
Article-I.D.: uf-csv.129
Posted: Fri Nov  2 17:04:23 1984
Date-Received: Tue, 13-Nov-84 01:03:29 EST
Organization: Univ of Fla, Computer and Information Science
Lines: 78

This line is intentionally less than witty.

I am posting this summary of responses to my inquiry about write protecting
individual files because of the number of requests I got to forward the
information.  Jay at unm-la gave the useful information, which bit to flip.
It works like a charm!

I have a friend with a copy of the Norton Utilities and used it just a few
minutes ago to change the appropriate bit.  I imagine there's a few hackers
out there who'll actually use the DOS call,  but I'm really a hardware type
who prefers a UNIX environment (DOS means Disk Operating System, I think,
but other than that I'm blissful...) to any other I've seen. You go ahead
and hack, I'll just whittle a little for now.
Bit 0 of byte 11 of a disk directory entry marks (when set) a file as read
only.  You can find the directory entry and diddle this bit directly, or
you can use DOS function call 0x43 (CHMOD), specifying the drive:path/file
as an ascii string.

Or, if you want to buy a utility to do it for you, try "AKA Alias", available
from The Programmer's Shop (800)421-8006.  It includes "xdir" which gives you
a directory listing showing the attributes of the files, and "chmod" which
sets/resets any of the attributes.  (Caveat: don't use AKA Alias for its
advertised purpose -- it knows how to hang your system at the most precious

From: akgua!mcnc!decvax!ucbvax!unmvax!unm-la!jay
	There is a utility to do that. Fortunately,
DOS 1.1 and above allow files to be marked as 'read-only'.
I think I have source code for the utility, which is called
CHMOD. I'll try to dig it up and mail it to you.
				- Lester Waters -
1.  To deal with write-protect/unprotect and other related things,
    you might like FilePaq, about $30 + S & H and tax, from
	SDA Associates
	PO Box 36152
	San Jose, CA 95158

2.  The above disk also includes erase/delete utilities and an
    improved  directory function.  If in addition, you patch
    out the names `del' and `era(se)' from and create
    batch files, you may solve your erasure problems.

Gene E. Bloch (...!nsc!voder!gino)
The new IBM DOS 3.0 includes a program labeled ATTRIBUTE that can set
and reset a file's attribute to read only.
DOS 3.0 is now available for list $ 65.-.
There are similar utilities on RBBS systems that are in public domain
and accessible if you have a modem and downloading capability.

John Gulbenkian   Varian Walnut Creek  CA

There are several public domain programs floating around to do this, but
I would recommend buying the Norton utilities.  They are very useful.

You could also get DOS 3.0.

David DiGiacomo, BRAG Systems Inc., San Mateo CA  (415) 342-3963
Disclaimer: The opinions expressed herein are solely those of the author.

Leo Wilson                USPS: University of Florida
akgua!uf-csv(!uf-csg)!leo       512 Weil Hall
CSNET:  leo@ufl                 Gainesville, FL  32611
AT&T:   (904)392-2371

"There are two types of aircraft: Fighters and Targets."
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