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Marble "Madness"?? [message #80115] Mon, 03 June 2013 22:53
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Date: Thu, 21-Feb-85 00:45:54 EST
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Posted: Thu Feb 21 00:45:54 1985
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    Marble Madness is a fun game, but they're aren't enough races.
After the Ultimate Race, the game ends and plays some fancy music.
After about being on the floor for about two weeks at the arcade which
I go to, most of the players were able to finish the entire game. 
Maybe Atari should put in more longer races, I was sort of
disappointed when I found out that there were only 6 races, Crystal
Castles had 40 levels and Missle Command and Asteroids had more then
could be counted. 
     Here are a few tips you can use to play the game:
        1. Use both trac balls when playing single player
             Both of them control the marble and combined they 
             give you more speed.
        2. The light blue stuff is ice. You can't control the
             marble when it is on this stuff. It appears at the 
             end of the beginner race at in the Ultimate race.
             Roll the marble in along the right side and let it go.
        3. In the intermediate race, You can avoid the opening maze,
             you know, the one where the marble keeps bouncing around
             inside, by jumping onto the middle section. When the
             marble gets about halfway down, roll both tracballs to
             the right and it'll jump onto the middle to get off,
             just jump off where the maze ends. It really works, but
             it takes practice. It saves ALOT of time.
        4. The green slime can be avoided most of the time by going 
             as fast you can by them. For some reason the slime seems
             to move out of the way if you move fast enough... Maybe
             they're afraid??!!
        5. In the areial race, there are two paths you can take after
             the red scoop throws you. One is in the front with those
             pipes and one is in the back with nothing but ups and
             downs. Take the one with the pipes, its quicker.  The   
             hammers have a pattern. The most common is two hammers
             and then four. Go after the four. With the one with one
             hammer at a time, you move forward then back then forward
        6. In Silly race watch the time, don't spend too long
             squashing things. It's fun but time is of the essence. If
             it takes more then two seconds to squash one, its time to
             move on. The pink birds are helpful at one point. Get hit
             by one bird when you are going to the right along the
             path. It'll teleport you right to the exit. After the
             birds, the path goes up and into another bouncy maze.
             That is also a waste of time. When the marble is going
             up roll it back down and to the left. It'll hop off and
             you'll be on a flat surface. I've seen some people save
            about 4-5 secs doing that. 
         7. In Ultimate Race, GOOD LUCK!!! It takes a lot of luck
             everything comes into play here. The first two parts with
             the slime and marble eater, just takes a lot of luck and
             manuvering. On the ice, just roll in at a moderate to 
             fast speed. Your hoping that by going fast, you can knock
             the black marble off at the same time you die. The
             disappearing paths is just an illusion. Go through them 
             at a average speed. They always seem to appear at the
             right time. Even if they do disappear just as you are
             about to leave it, the marble will usually fall onto 
             the next one with a SMACK and dizziness.

And, that is the end. Just sit back and listen to the music. What did
Atari do, put car speakers into that machine? They sounds pretty good.
Good Luck....

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