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RotJ Ramblings (Spoiler) [message #52064] Wed, 01 May 2013 14:31
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Date: Mon, 13-Jun-83 13:34:00 EDT
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Posted: Mon Jun 13 13:34:00 1983
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VLSI Review: OK

Discrete Review: I started off not liking it, but changed my mind about half way
through once I got used to the nauseatingly cute Ewoks (they had "New Star
Wars Toys" spelled out all over them) and something else I'm surprised I only
saw mentioned once so far.

I thought that RotJ was very heavy on gratuitous violence compared to both its
predecessors.  It bothered me that the audience would laugh every time a
Stormtrooper smashed into a tree on his motorcycle.  It ended up reminding me of
nothing more than a live-action Road Runner cartoon.  This casual attitude
toward death was reinforced when all the good guys ended up coming back as
holograms anyway.  Kicked the bucket?  Not to worry - you just get a bit
translucent, that's all.  Sort of takes away something in the dramatic impact
department, though.

The plot: And now for something completely different.  (The Larch).  Did we
really need to see *another* Death Star blow up?  ("It blowed up good",  "Yeah,
it blowed up *real* good").  Is the plot of this series being recycled mod 2 or

Worst muppet: the blue elephant - gimme a break.

Worst scene: the mushy stuff with Han & Leia on Endor.  Also, the
strangulation of Pizza the Hutt was just not convincing.  That chain didn't cut
into Jabba's neck (such as it was) at all.

Best part: when Luke slices off DV's hand, sees the machinery, and then flexes
his own mechanical hand wondering if the Emp is right about his "destiny".

Best joke: when Han is hot-wiring the back door and says "I think I got it", and
another set of doors closes.  Thank goodness at least the Millenium Falcon
worked this time.

Although I thought the final confrontation with the Emperor was the best scene
in the movie, I agree with the comments that it was a rather hokey way for him
to go, down the hatch that is.  I don't understand why he didn't just turn his
high-voltage arcing on Darth Vader when he lifted him up.  He just stood there
frozen, uselessly zapping the ceiling on his way to be dumped.  But it was great
the way all the excess blue stuff came splashing back up the well after he hit
bottom.  Boy he sure had a lot of it stored up!

RotJ had its moments, but I think my thirst for SW movies has now been

			- Michel 
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