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Forth-83 version 2 for 8080/Z80 now available [message #91539] Wed, 26 June 2013 00:47
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Message-ID: <6153@brl-tgr.ARPA>
Date: Thu, 29-Nov-84 02:08:51 EST
Article-I.D.: brl-tgr.6153
Posted: Thu Nov 29 02:08:51 1984
Date-Received: Sat, 1-Dec-84 20:30:04 EST
Sender: news@brl-tgr.ARPA
Organization: Ballistic Research Lab
Lines: 54

Thanks to Ted Shapin , Forth-83 version 2.0 for
8080/Z80 is now available from Simtel20:

Filename			Type	 Bytes	 Sectors     CRC

Directory MICRO:
F83V2-80.LBR.1			COM	228224 1783 = 6F7H  5BCEH

Here are Ted's comments:

F83V2-80.LBR contains F83.COM, a public domain implementation of
FORTH-83 that is ready to run. It also contains source files in
squeezed format.  I have squeezed them using the public domain utility
SQ and you can unsqueeze them  with the USQ utility. Squeezed files
have a Q in the file type.

The original Laxen-Perry distribution had these files squeezed with a
program that took hours (!) to run to unsqueeze. USQ will run in
minutes and the squeezed files take up less space than the original
distribution disk. Make B: (or C:) your default drive. Have plenty of
room on your default drive and then type A:USQ20 A:filename.BQK to
make filename.BLK on your default drive.

Type CRCK *.* and see if what you have agrees with the values listed
below.  This should assure you that you have a good copy of the disk. 

The VIEW word expects certain source blocks to be on drive A: and
certain source files to be on drive B:.  If you have a hard disk
system, you can follow the directions in README.80 to recompile your
system with all of the source blocks on your hard disk and the VIEW
file numbers will be set up correctly. 

Here are the files in F83V2-80.LBR:

--> FILE:  F83     .COM         CRC = 09 33  The FORTH system compiled.
--> FILE:  README  .1ST         CRC =        This file
--> FILE:  USQ20   .COM         CRC = 5F 25  CPM80 unsqueeze program
--> FILE:  SQ17    .COM         CRC = 25 09  CPM80 squeeze program
--> FILE:  README  .8Q          CRC = DD E2  Original F83 instructions
--> FILE:  F83-FIXS.TQT         CRC = 52 E2  Changes from F83 v.1.0
--> FILE:  CRCK    .COM         CRC = 2D 47  CPM80 hash check program 
                         These "blocks" are the F83 sources squeezed
--> FILE:  KERNEL80.BQK         CRC = B8 75  Kernel source
--> FILE:  META80  .BQK         CRC = 6E D8  Metacompiler source
--> FILE:  CPU8080 .BQK         CRC = 08 B1  68000 dependent code   
--> FILE:  EXTEND80.BQK         CRC = ED D0  Extensions source
--> FILE:  UTILITY .BQK         CRC = 4E 38  The UTILITY source 
                         These blocks are applications
--> FILE:  HUFFMAN .BQK         CRC = 25 1A  A VERY slow compression program
--> FILE:  CLOCK   .BQK         CRC = 0B C0  Source for a calendar example
--> FILE:  EXPAND80.BQK         CRC = AE E5  Original source to expand .HUF
--> FILE:  BASIC   .BQK         CRC = 1B 94  BASIC compiler in F83

Ted Shapin. July 31, 1984.                                      
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